Recipe Index

Savoury Recipes

rustic mushroom, caramelised onion and thyme tart
winter warming lentil soup
homemade stock in the slow cooker
garden harvest fried rice
Spicy Spanish risotto
Roasted rack of lamb - woodoven style
Zucchini slice
potato,rosemary, garlic and sea salt pizza
spinach and cheese pie
potato gnocchi
garden fresh nori rolls
slow cooker chicken noodle soup
garden harvest frittata
Father's Day spiced nuts (link)
not your average potato & leek soup
slow cooker butter chicken with naan breads
homemade beef ravioli
pumpkin and feta pies
nonna's spaghetti & meatballs - slowcooker style
roasted tomato soup with herb & cheese scones
homemade pasta
easy, peasy pizza sauce
zucchini & feta roll with pumpkin mash
wild mushroom and leek fettucine (foraging)
wild mushroom & garden herb ravioli
hearty winter slow cooker soup

Sweet Recipes:
old fashioned rhubarb cake
easy cupcakes
custard tart
lemon meringue pie
raspberry clafoutis
raspberry friands
cranberry and white chocolate cookies
honey joys
'marmorkuchen' (Oma's marble cake)
oat and apple breakfast muffins
cherry & chocolate muffins
lemonade scones
biscotti (link)
zingy lime tart
festive shortbread
chocolate chip cookies
almond florentines (link)
yo-yo's with citrus filling
berry and white chocolate winter pudding
baked cheesecake with blackberry coulis (homemade creamcheese)
lunchbox banana and choc-chip muffins
sticky cinnamon scrolls with vanilla glaze
strawberry ripple ice-cream
blueberry & white chocolate muffins
lemon & poppy seed cupcakes
orange syrup cake
marble bundt cake
chocolate chip muffins
lumberjack cake

Bread Recipes
potato bread (sourdough)
chia bread (sourdough)
date and nut loaves (sourdough)
mixed grain loaves (sourdough)
filled focaccia
fruit loaves (sourdough)
first banneton bread
hot cross buns (chocolate chip)
challah - four braid
apple & pecan danish with egg custard
banana bread - the real deal
naan bread
basic bread loaf
pizza dough
pizza scrolls (breadmaker)
sticky cinnamon scrolls with vanilla glaze
basic hearth breads 
3 loaf whey and grain bread
10 loaf hearth bread recipe
wholemeal, wheatgerm and oat loaf
wholemeal whey bread

Preserving Recipes
stovetop tomato passata
an easier quince paste
old fashioned orange squash
bottled whole peeled tomatoes (Fowlers)
pear and plum dessert filling
stovetop tomato passata
Fowlers bottled peaches
old fashioned orange squash
raspberry jam
green tomato pickle (chutney)
quince paste
pie apple (fowlers vacola method)
roasted tomato passata
tomato jam
homegrown pickled beetroot
lemon curd
air dried apple rings
preserved pears in sugar syrup
strawberry & blueberry jam -summer in a jar
tomato kasundi
bread & butter cucumbers

Dairy Recipes
making mozzarella with Greening of Gavin
homemade sour cream
homemade ricotta
homemade yoghurt, two ways - part 1, traditional
homemade yoghurt, two ways - part 2, for the busy person
homemade cream cheese