Wednesday, April 15, 2020

On finding home

Home is something that is incredibly important to me. For a long time I felt a sense of 'home'. It filled my days with busyness, laughter, chatter, and food. Always food.

Home was warm. Home was welcoming. Home was safe from the outside world.

Yet, there came a point in time when the outside world crept in and collided with my inner world.

The home I had known, and taken so much comfort in, was slowly deconstructed as the people in that home parted and went separate ways.

For a long time I felt like my home had lost its heartbeat. That silent, steady rhythm that keeps things flowing from one day to the next, throughout the seasons. "Home" became a house. Functional in nature, yet lacking that sense of warmth and comfort that I had known so well.

The outside world beckoned. Invitations of work, travel, study and volunteering emerged. I found comfort in the busyness of life outside of the house. Free from confining walls, the outside world felt like home.

Time passed.

A small garden had began to grow. A pet or two arrived. Friends shared time with me in this new space I now called 'home'. Music, laughter and conversations infused the rooms. Gradually, the sense of home began to return. I was beginning to understand that we carry our 'homes' within, and the physical space we inhabit is simply a reflection of this sense of home we are experiencing internally. We can choose to share our 'home' with others or keep it locked inside us. The latter goes against the grain of what home means to me. Home for me involves sharing experiences, and creating a space for comfort and safety, for both myself and the people in my world.

It seems strange to find small blessings in a situation that is taking so many lives. With most of us currently required to 'stay at home' I am finding comfort in things that have been dormant for so long. At last, my sense of home is truly returning as I fill my space with tangible reflections of my thoughts, dreams and plans. In this mixed-up, confusing time, it feels like a missing puzzle piece is slotting into place. I wonder if others are experiencing small blessings too, and what this might look like for them.

This picture was taken in 2015, when I was traveling through Scotland with my mum and brother.
I was so far away from 'home',  yet had never felt more at home in my life.

I hope you are staying safe

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Welcome to my garden

It's funny how some things in life remain constant.

Whilst the actual location may have changed, the joy and inspiration I receive from nurturing plants, which in turn nurture me, has not waned.

I have been in this space for a little over three years.
It is much smaller than the space I used to share so much of here, yet I am extremely grateful for this small 'patch' that continues to nourish the people in my world..

Snowpeas in a pot

I planted cherry tomatoes this year, as early frosts can sometimes make it challenging to ripen larger tomatoes..

 Sometimes it's just nice to stop and admire the sunlight at different times of the day

 A humble salad harvest sourced from 'volunteer' lettuce and ancient radish seeds

I have been enjoying herbs from the garden and roses. So many roses. Heavenly fragrances that calm the most fretful mind..

..and nothing spells Autumn for me more than sedum. 

Thank you for joining me on my garden stroll. I hope your green space is bringing you peace and inspiration during this time, whether it be in the form of microgreens on the windowsill, a local park or a soothing tree near your door.

Saturday, April 11, 2020


Hello (?)

It's been a while..

It feels a little strange stepping into this space again, after such a long break.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball of monumental proportions.

And then a global pandemic hits.

Questions arise as to what is truly important.

Community, connection, family, kindness, giving, helping, and so it continues.

There is much to say yet, I don't know where to start.

I have struggled with re-entering this space, as so much has changed.

However, some things remain constant, whilst other things emerge after dormancy.

Much of my physical space has changed, and the structure of everyday life. However, I am still the same person at the core. Although now a little more stronger, a little more capable, a little more wiser (and a little bit older!).

Some things went in to dormancy. Many of the crafts that kept me so busy during that chapter of my life were put on hold as the logistics of life required navigating (I'm being cryptic I know!).

It's funny how certain things emerge after a hibernation though. During this time when 'choice' has been removed, I have found myself returning to activities that brought me so much comfort in the past. Searching for the missing anchor that held me stable and connected when I was still learning so much about myself, life, and connection with others.

Connection is so important.

We need to cherish connection in whatever form it comes in.

I hope that you are well, and are finding comfort in family and wider connections, during this time of uncertainty.

Much love xo