Where to from here, old friend?

Something has been niggling away at me for some time now and it's been hard to put my finger on it. I took a much needed break from blogging which I feel has served it's purpose, yet the niggling feeling still remains.

Reminiscing about the pictorial diary I once kept so regularly. No new notes to look back on as I attempt to make that top a second time around, or that pie that tasted so good way back then. Feelings that I somehow need to keep at this blogging thing, even though it is challenging at times trying to fit it into everyday life. It is worth it, for my own sense of self.

I miss the pictures.

I miss taking the pictures..

..and planning how to use them.

I miss looking back on the pictures

..and remembering the moment I was in when I took them.

I need the pictures.

And the notes.

Just for myself, because that was what it was always intended to be. Notes to myself to refer back on.

So where to from here, my old friend?

I think I want to rekindle the friendship. Ignite the spark back into what once used to make me so happy.
No rules, no schedules. Visits will be sporadic I'm sure. But my old friend will still be there. Always there.

Welcome back.


  1. Chris I am going through a similar thing: a return and sporadic posts. I'll be glad to see you anytime you feel like posting here. I do hope everyone is well in your house.

  2. Life changes, we change and sometimes we have to step back and see what it is that's really important to us, what we are passionate about. Maybe you'd like to take your blog in a different direction or maybe you'd just like to post occasionally. Whatever you choose, it's okay. What's most important is that you're happy with whatever you decide to do. Good luck to you.

  3. Ditto. I haven't really blogged for months. I'm feeling the mojo again the last few days, I just need to make time for it now. Probably should give up that FB game I keep getting sucked into then I'd have the time!
    I love reading your posts always inspires me and keeps me grounded

  4. Pop in when you can, no pressure, do it for pleasure. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. I hear you loud and clear, I've been there and done that, I'm back blogging now, but it's random and irregular but it still works. I hope you keep at it, you obviously get something out of it, or you wouldn't desire it again. Plus we do love reading your posts!

  6. looking forward to your beautiful photos

  7. I am currently trying to get time to set up & start 'online journalling' again but at my new Growing Home website. I just can't seem to find time!! I happened by your post this evening, as I was checking my old dixiebelles blog to find some links for someone on Instagram. Blogging does have its advantages, that's for sure. If its meant to be, we will find a way, I suppose...

    1. Oh , and I have been meaning to & meaning to check how you went with the Coeliac testing!

    2. Blood test results were ambiguous. Neg but I carry the gene..so I need to gear myself up for the full blown six week test of consumption/scope in the new year. Ughh!

  8. It will be good to see you, even if it is only every now and then.

  9. They are all the reasons I have for starting a blog! Lovely to hear them from someone else. Great to see you back, in whatever capacity.

  10. Just do what is right for you, check in when you can and post what makes you happy.

  11. Love reading your posts whenever you can and are comfortable doing so.

  12. Sounds exactly like what I've been doing. It's a nice change for me.
    Enjoy it... and do what you need to do to enjoy it! :) x


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