Slow Living Monthly Nine - Introducing our new host!

Good Morning!

I have some very exciting news to share with you today. A person who I have come to admire and respect through our interactions on the blog has so very kindly offered to take on the hosting of the Slow Living Monthly 9 link-up. 

If you are a regular participant, then I am sure you will need no introduction at all to Linda from Greenhaven. Linda has been a regular face in the link-ups since they began in 2012, and is someone who is pursuing her slow living goals as opportunities arise on her journey. I really admire the effort and dedication Linda displays in sharing her journey with us on her lovely blog, and her insights as new discoveries are made. I hear there is even news about beekeeping in the pipeline!

So please make Linda feel very welcome for her first time hosting and pop on over to her blog: Greenhaven, say a big hi and catch up on what's been happening under the nine banners during her month. Of course all are welcome to continue linking up and I know that Linda will add her own personal stamp on the link up as time goes by, which I am really looking forward to seeing.

I hope to get my post up over at Linda's in the next few days - hope to see you there!

Christine x


  1. Awww shucks! Thanks Christine! I'm really excited about hosting and I hope to see all the familiar faces over at my blog. It will be great to hear what you got up to in July!

  2. Hear hear Christine, I think Linda is a perfect fit. We'll all miss you though, its been nice having you pop in every month or so to tell what's been happening. Looking forward to still hearing from you once in a while.

  3. Fantastic to hear that Linda will continue the tradition. Thanks so much for hosting the monthly catch-up for the last few years Christine, I've loved being part of it and discovering so many great bloggers through it. T x

  4. Linda is the perfect choice...I actually thought of her when you were asking for volunteers...hoping she would put her hand up...she is quite inspiring. ..and I look forward to joining in each month.

  5. Thanks for creating and hosting the monthly link up - it has been great fun 'meeting-up' every month.
    Now over to Linda to continue the tradition...see you over there!

  6. Thanks for the fun linking up with you :)

  7. Thank you for hosting this and for allowing the baton to be passed on it has been lovely to reflect on what I have done over the month. I am not going to make the link up for the next couple of months as I am away but look forward to joining in again soon :)


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