Banana Chia Pancakes (dairy, gluten & sugar free)

I've been having a play around with pancake mixtures lately. It all came about after I started making significant changes to my diet (which you can read more about here). I had thought: 'wouldn't it be nice to sail through life without ever needing to enter pancake territory again?', but as it turns out sometimes a person really neeeeds a pancake. Even if it's gluten and dairy free. And they're away from home. Especially if they are at the beach for a scorching week and need a good breakfast boost and a reminder of the fond memories they once shared in a past life with the pancakes of the wheaten variety..

 Surprisingly they were quite good. There seems to be a stigma associated with gluten free baking that conventional bakers snub their noses at (until recently, myself included!). Images of dense, heavy rock muffins and dry, crumbly falling apart cakes come to mind. It was a pleasant discovery that I can still make perfectly good pancakes for myself and the family without the use of wheat. And I'm not saying to eat these all the time for breakfast, they are a wonderful breakfast treat! For those times when we absolutely can't do without.  And when it comes down to it...who are we in the kitchen really, if we don't have a good pancake recipe up our sleeve? Enjoy

Banana Chia Pancakes (gluten, dairy and sugar free)

These pancakes are made with buckwheat flour, mashed banana and chia seeds in the batter. The chia seeds offer a nice crunch but if they are not your thing, feel free to leave them out. Extra liquid may need to be added to the batter while cooking as the chia seeds take on their absorbing qualities. The buckwheat flour really brings a lot to the texture of the pancake, offering a light, fluffy result reminiscent of pancakes from days gone by. No sugar is needed as the banana brings in enough sweetness on its own.
(Serves 2-3).

1  medium, very ripe banana, mashed
1 egg
2 tbs chia seeds (I used white)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup gluten free self-raising flour
1 cup buckwheat flour
almond, soy or other dairy free milk, as required
coconut oil for cooking
To serve: maple syrup, extra banana sliced and chia seeds (optional)

In a medium bowl place the mashed banana, egg, vanilla and chia seeds. Whisk to combine. Add the flours and continue to mix, adding your choice of milk to the batter until desired consistency is reached (thick for pikelets, runny for crepey pancakes..or somewhere in between, like me!).

Heat a little coconut oil in a pan and cook large spoonfuls of the batter over medium heat. Note: they cook really fast! Keep them warm in a folded towel while working your way through the batter, adding more liquid to the mix if the chia seeds are absorbing the moisture too fast.

Serve warm with a drizzle of pure maple syrup, extra banana slices and a sprinkling of chia seeds.


  1. Really? Ok Chris I trust you, I'm going to make these for Sunday breakfast. I'm not sure if I mentioned it -- I'm not gluten intolerant but I do feel better with less wheat in my diet, I notice it particularly in summer when I have salad for lunch instead of sandwiches or soup and bread. At the moment I'm cutting back and using alternatives to see how I feel.

    1. Ha yes, really Rose! Trust me, seriously. Interested to hear how things go with your alternatives, keep me posted? :-)

  2. LOve your recipe and I shall try it. Are you aware of and her books? She has a lovely flour replacement mix that might be worth experimneting with. x te

    1. Thanks so much, Trace. I will take a look at gluten free girl. Much appreciated!

  3. They look delicious. I recently tried using chick pea flour to make pancakes but they turned out horrible (even the chickens didn't eat them) and I also tried a pkt mix for gluten free bread with much the same result. It's very difficult here to get different kinds of flours.
    A mashed banana, tsp of almond butter and an egg makes a very good pancakes mix (with some frozen blueberries and coconut cream on top- yummy).
    We're having buckwheat pancakes for dinner tonight with veggies and hummus.

    1. Yes, Emma, I tried chickpea flour in flatbreads once and gagged my way out of the kitchen! Do you make or buy the almond butter? Interested to hear more. Your buckwheat pancakes with veggies and hummus sound delicious!

    2. yep I think I did the same with chickpea pancakes...ick!
      Christine have you had a look at Green Kitchen Stories dessert app? Most of the recipes are sugar, wheat and dairy free and they are all beautiful looking.

    3. No I haven't Brydie, thanks for the tip. Off to hunt it down now! :-)

  4. Yum! I made Gf vegan pancakes with applesauce instead of a eggs and they were great!

  5. We have "veganised" our pancake recipe using egg replacer instead of egg and soy milk instead of cows milk. We have a Sunday tradition of family pancakes with maple syrup once a week.

  6. Within the gluten free industry - there is much to learn..... The gluten free self raising flour uses tapioca a lot - which spikes your blood sugar - so you have to be careful you don't jump out of the fire into the fry pan when removing wheat from your diet.
    Here is something for you to try next time....
    I cup blanched almonds (without the brown skin - the skin is an anti nutrient and effects some like wheat) blend in the blender to make almond meal.
    2 tablespoons of chia seeds
    3/4 cup arrowroot (this is a tuba and doesn't spike blood sugar like tapioca)
    1 teaspoon bicarb soda
    2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
    3 eggs
    good pinch salt
    mix almond meal, chia seeds, arrowroot, bicarb, salt until it is all combined.
    Add the eggs and apple cider vinegar.
    It bubbles up - keep stirring until any lumps are mixed in.

    That's it - we have these with fresh squeezed orange juice over them, or just some honey - it is not uncommon in our house to make these for dinner.
    If you like you can put this mixture in a cake tin - bake in moderate oven for about 25 minutes - springs back in middle. Gluten free bread - keeps in the fridge wrapped in glad wrap for 4 days or we slice it up and put it in the freezer.

    Happy grain free baking : )

    I also have a great grain, dairy,sugar free muffin/cake recipe for lunchboxes. Would you like that as well?

    Narelle x x

    1. Thankyou so much, Narelle! You are beyond helpful!! I would really appreciate the muffin recipe if you get a chance, sometime.. ;-) xx

  7. I make buckwheat pancakes a lot here, like the traditional French galette we love them with spinach and ricotta as a filling, not dairy free sorry!

    I have pancakes every morning which are oatmeal, yogurt and egg mix together they are more like little patties than, sorry these are not dairy free either :(

    I have also successfully made pancakes from black eye beans which I soaked and then blended to make a fine paste before adding other ingredients they were really tasty.

    I exclude quite a few foods from my diet but not wheat and dairy as I don't find that they give me problems, however I do eat both in moderation and no milk at all, just cheese and yogurt :)

  8. Is the serving 2-3 people, or pancakes?

  9. Hi there - serving is for people - two adults/three children ;)


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