2014 - a greeting

Hello! Hoping your festive season was filled with joy and laughter and a bellyful of good food! Thankyou tremendously for reading this year and for supporting the Slow Living monthly link-ups. I feel I have gotten to know you so much better through visiting your pages and sharing in your experiences. 

Over the holiday season I took some time out to have a sticky beak over at instagram... and consequently joined. I would love it if we could meet up over there, too! My name is: slowlivingessentials - do hop on over and take a squiz, it's loads of fun and a little addictive! 

These days as we unwind from the tightly wound festive calender, I find daughters' friends arriving for sleepovers, a noisy rooster confusing just who exactly are members of his flock, a determined hen adamant to hatch her eggs, and the slower pace of watering vegetables and fruit trees that makes summer so enjoyable. 
Be well, dear friends. Looking forward to a new and exciting year on the blog! xx


  1. And thank you for the monthly link ups I really enjoy them - hope your upcoming year is the best ever and keep up the good work - but sorry, I cannot do one more thing that sucks me into the internet! Some days a quick peak at pinterest and there is no dinner -so since I have no self control I will not be joining but at least you know it's not because I don't want to!! :) Happy New Year from snowy and cold Idaho in the US!

  2. And from another Kathy....Happy New Year to you and your family too and a word of thanks for hosting the Slow Living Essentials last year. It's nice to write down and see exactly what you are doing towards simple living and these link ups are a great way to view like minded people and get a glimpse into their daily lives and routines. I'm going to post a few goals for us this year on my blog so check in later or tomorrow. Nothing too startling, just a few areas to focus on which I discussed with the kids (James 10 and Sienna 7.5). Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Happy New Year to you. The idea of summer and hens laying has given me just that bit of hope needed at our darkest time of the year - there really is such a thing as sun ;-)

  4. Happy New Year! I too am now over on Instagram. Find me at www.instagram.com/pureangoraknits. I am also finding it a bit addictive! Melanie from Ohio USA

  5. there was a happy clap of the hands when I saw you on instagram :-)


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