Slow Living 2013 - October

 October..oh where did you go? One minute it was the first and the's halloween! A particularly busy month in our house with two teenette birthdays and accompanying parties to organise. I think I may have been onto something a couple of years back having both parties on the same day..just one lot of decorations, one lot of food, one clean smart. It didn't quite work with the requested slumber parties though..but both daughters seemed to enjoy their celebrations all the more for having it on their own day.  Read on to see what developments have occurred elsewhere in our home during the month...

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{Nourish} Minimal developments here this month, preferring instead to rely on tried and true staples for family meals. Limited time due to study may have something to do with this. I have however had some exposure to homemade nut butters and all sorts of treats made with coconut oil..both of which are intriguing. Not to mention being asked by a friend if I "activated my nuts before eating them?" Say what now! I generally eat 'em as they come but am open to change!! (I think she may have been referring to soaking them, or sprouting them..or both and maybe even drying them in the oven?)

{Prepare} – zilcho preparingness in this family birthday month..

{Green} This month I've been playing around with rosemary infusions as a final hair rinse. I have particularly dry skin and the skin on my head is no different so I'm pleased to report that the average home garden variety of rosemary does an outstanding job on dry skin. I've been boiling up a handful of fresh leaves in some water and once cool, straining the infusion and then allowing it to soak into wet hair after washing and leaving it in.  It's really good, try it and see! 

A visit to some hot mineral springs for a soothing soak also did wonders for my skin and I am back to taking local honey for spring time allergies..and yes, it really does work! Again, try it and see.
To top the month off, eyeing off the amazing healing garden at Heronswood was icing on the cake for me. Unfortunately most of the plants growing were still in trial stages and not available to purchase..but it was such fun to come across plants growing that I have only read ever about..

{Reduce} This month we had a distinct lack of school uniforms available. I later found them at the bottom of the youngest's wardrobe and identified the issue. Unraveled hems, missing buttons and small tears where the problem. Just one hour was all it took to repair the school uniforms to a wearable standard. Now having the daugher fitting into them for any significant amount of time is a matter completely out of my hands..!

{Grow} Things are quiet here in the garden - it seems to be that empty time of year. I did manage to find some time to plant some chitted potatoes a few weeks back which are always well received. Currently I am  harvesting leeks, silverbeet, parsley, beetroot leaves, the odd asparagus and herbs such as sage and rosemary - I told you it was slow! On the up side however, I did enter some weeds in a local show for a bit of fun and came out with a 2nd place ribbon. Who knew that even on the weed front, there is stiff competition? Having a friend receive the first place made the disappointment all the easier to tolerate...!

{Create} Very little crafting has been happening here lately. My October contribution is a pair of baby beanies for a special pair of twins in my SIL's family. It was a bit of fun, because my mum knitted cardigans in matching wool. It will be some time yet before they fit into them, though!

{Discover} I have been a complete bookworm lately. There are so many books calling out at me to read them, it's hard to find the time to check them all off my list! For leisure, I have been absorbed in the Earth’s Children series written by Jean Auel. There are six books in the series and it is set in the time when neanderthals and early homosapians walked the earth. The central character is a healer and the books have abundant references to botanical medicine, which I am loving! 

I have also been spending quite a bit of time reading about chakrahs and meditation. I am finding it all so fascinating and as I said, it's a challenge to find the hours in the day to read all that is calling to me!

{Enhance} I took a deep breath this month and submitted an application to become a volunteer in our area's local health center in the aged care section. This feels totally right for me right now and as I am currently studying in this area, it will hopefully give me an insight into future options that may become available as well as a testing of the waters...

{Enjoy} I always love seeing my daughters celebrate birthdays, and having two in the one month is hectic, albeit fun! The highlight for me this month though was the veggie group girls weekend away. It was beyond a treat for me after the busy month to get away with those weekly gardening girls and relax, relax and then relax some more!! Coming home to a kitchen that was cleaner than how I left it was a real treat, too!

How has your month been? 


  1. love your photos in this post, especially the foot and jetty shots. I concur with the month's highlight although I'm so jealous of your clean kitchen upon return. The book series sounds wonderful, just my cup of tea

  2. Looks like a wonderful month and great friendships and celebrations. And a weekend with the veggie ladies just sounds very inspiring and well deserved. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Lovely month and lovely photos. Your girls weekend sounds fantastic!

  4. I absolutely love the colours of the flowers and grasses! So vibrant.

  5. So glad to see a post, Christine! Your photos are lovely and evocative, as always. And how your 2nd-place weeds made me laugh!

  6. I agree that October flew by - I loved the Jean Auel series, and I loved the weed competition - although I'm pretty sure mine would win first prize for size and length of roots! Special girls to be born in October - I have a personal bias - My grandmothers and my mother and mother in law and myself all born in a two week period at the beginning of the month. It also has the most awesome birthstone! As usual I enjoy your photos - thank you!

  7. I read the last of the Jean M Auel books last year, twenty years ago I had first started the series...twenty years! oh eek.
    love that last picture under the pier.
    Hope your November is just as wonderful lovely.

  8. How wonderful - a trip to the hot springs! We take my son sometimes and it does wonders for his eczema.
    Congratulations on your weeds getting 2nd place.
    "What is weed, a plant whose virtues are yet to be discovered" (can't remember who said that)
    Happy November

  9. Lovely ! Really dig the rosemary recommendation and will totally be trying that. I giggled when you mentioned the Jean Auel books, as I was crazy about them when I was younger and am envisioning what they'd be like to read in this day and age, with what I know today. I always loved how much I learned about herbs and how much stuck with me over the years in those books. And when I met someone last year named "Ayla", well that was the icing on the cake :)

  10. I always love your photos.... you have a great perspective.

    I'm certain your daughters appreciated having their birthdays separate. I always had to share mine with my sister (2-weeks apart). While I certainly understand my mother's reasons now, it just means that my birthday isn't that big of a deal. Which means I have a hard time understanding why other people get upset when their birthday isn't treated as a big deal. ;-)

  11. Hello again, this year of Slow Living is flying by, I can so relate to your sentiment.
    your photo of the grasses is beautiful.

  12. Enjoy your volunteering opportunity. It'll come with a lot of rich experiences.

  13. I haven't been around here for most of the year, but thought I would add my bit this month. Thanks for the opportunity to take stock.

  14. Activating nuts, what's next. It was done overhere (the Netherlands) to wash of dirt from falling where chickens free ranged, the salt was added to chase wurms out of the nuts, so they could not lay there tiny eggs in winter in the nutstock, the drying in the sun to prevent mildew. Just do not eat too many in one go. Milk was always considered healthy, now some people think we do need to stop using it, instead drink almond milk, oats milk etc. Hoping those almonds were activated! II will just eat what my parents and grandparents ate, just not cooking for hours like my GM did.If your quinces and apple tree will not grow fruits, try japanese mini quince and the lovely showy crabapples or showapples (do not buy the waxed ones!). The mini quinces can be used as quinces, they just jell even quicker and the crabapples have lots of pectine and are advised to use as pollentrees if you have only a few apple trees. I too read the Earth Children series, the first two in English, as the Dutch translations were spoken for a year in advance at the library. Having read book 6 I now have to conjure up a plot to make Ayla and her first son Durc meet again. By now there are 4 clan/modern humans, Durc, his mate to be, Joplaya's partner and the jealous, clan denying man of Jondalars caves. I think I will have Durc and mate leave Brouds clan and meet some traveler who knows Ayla, there are many stories on the net, but I will not publish my version, I think everyone has a right to their own happy ending. Happy reading and finishing the EC series.

    1. Thankyou for stopping by..I am of the same mind to continue eating what has been 'regular' up until now. I don't think I could live without dairy..and I continue to eat my nuts unactivated..with no obvious side effects!

      Great to find another appreciating EC reader..I'm slowly becoming immersed in the fourth book - The Plains of Passage - such a great series!!

      Christine :)


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