Monday, September 30, 2013

Slow Living 2013 - September

Join me as I reflect over the past month and various achievements I have made along the way as I strive to lead a more conscious, slower life.  As always, you are very welcome to join in - just leave a link to your own blog post at the bottom of this page and enjoy sharing your reflections with like minded people. Have a great October out there, everyone!

(For a detailed description of each category and this blog link up, see here)

I felt very satisfied this month because instead of fantasizing about a freezer full of woodfired oven food, I actually got off my behind and accomplished it! Having netball season come to an end helps no end in that my Saturdays are free once again.

Favourite foods for the wood oven include: spinach and feta pie, beef rouladen, organic roast lamb, curries, muffins for lunchboxes, flatbreads and biscuits. Pizza is a given for dinner on the day the oven is on. It's a great feeling to pull out a meal from the freezer on a busy day and know that we're still eating well. Elsewhere, the teen has been trying out pretzel recipes...and we are not complaining one little bit!

Oh, sheesh, I suppose stocking the freezer from the above category counts? Yes, yes, of course it does. I'll share a pic of the said pretzels too..because they were just soo good!
Pretzels made by the 13yo

This month I extended the life of a pair of jeans by mending a tear in them along with a woolen jumper that had a hole in it. I have come to the realisation that I detest buying new clothes, so will do anything I possibly can to extend the life of what I already have.

{Green} Vinegar, eucalyptus oil and bicarb. Does it get any better than this? I know I've said it before but I'll (continue to) say it again!


{Grow} A great achievement took place here this month - I harvested a decent sized cauliflower! If you know how much trouble I have at growing them you will completely understand my excitement. The harvest took place in the hugelkultur bed, which reinforces my belief that this type of growing has excellent results. Time to start plotting the summer crops now.  Around the garden I have also been harvesting perennial leeks, occasional asparagus, rocket, beetroot leaves, silverbeet, parsley, bok choy, broccoli, garlic leaves and eggs. Lots of eggs!

{Create} Things are pretty quiet on the creative front for me lately, although I have been trying to use up woolly oddments by turning them into colourful hexies, courtesy of attic24. I'm loving the bright colours of each hexagon, they bring cheer to any day! I also found myself on the receiving end of some creativity this month..see below.

{Discover} When I'm not immersed in study, I am finding myself reading. This month I finally got to a couple of books that were recommended to me a ridiculously long time ago, both written by Gary Zukav - 'The Seat of the Soul' and 'Spiritual Partnership'. Not for everyone I will admit, but my mind is currently in this zone, and I found them both interesting reads.

{Enhance} I found myself on the receiving end of some knitted love this month. The 11yo (soon to be 12) went to Sydney for a birthday treat with my mum and returned home with a gorgeous vest knitted by a dear relative for me. It was a complete surprise and knowing how much work goes into such projects I appreciate it more than words can say. She knows me well this knitter even though we haven't seen each other in far too long. It fits perfectly, is just the right length and has gorgeous colouring throughout. It's true that wearing hand knits is just like wearing a giant hug! (She ponders as she types the words while wearing The Vest. ;))

{Enjoy} A trip to the beachy/river/rocky/bushland loveliness that is Wilsons Prom takes the cake for this category for the month. Listening to friends' tales of annual visits to 'The Prom' and never seeming to make it there ourselves, it felt wonderful to finally change this and we had a beautiful time. The only downside being that the 11yo was in Sydney with my mum at the time, so there was a feeling of emptyness at her not being there. All worked out in the end though, everyone enjoyed their trips and it was nice to regroup at the end of them!

We hired a caravan which we picked up along the way and stayed in an unpowered site close to the huts that our friends were occupying. With six families coming and going through the week, it was very social and coming together each night for dinner was one of my favourite parts. Having friends from home to take a walk with or sit and chat with was a really nice addition to a family getaway! Other kids for our kids to play with was an extra treat!

 So, do tell me, how was your month? 


  1. What are you doing with the "Vinegar, eucalyptus oil and bicarb"?

  2. A bucket of hot water, splash of vinegar and a cap of eucalyptus oil for general cleaning - great for bathrooms. Bicarb to scrub for stubborn stains in bathroom and kitchen. Vinegar spray in kitchen to disinfect and shine up stainless steel. Straight bicarb (baking soda) for toothpaste. Apple cidar vinegar for hair rinse (1:10 to water ratio). Pretty much any mess the house throws at it, these three gems can tackle!

    1. I use them for housecleaning, too - sometimes citrus oil, too, instead of the eucalyptus. But I couldn't figure out how you might be using them on your feet!!

    2. Too funny, Quinn - I just stuck that photo in because I liked it, not because I was using those things on my feet!...but now you have me thinking..maybe there is something to be said for greening the feet!!! Thanks for the chuckle! ;)

  3. Can you tell me what wood box cooking is? Is it just a fireplace? I never thought about just setting my food beside the fire to cook. I am intrigued. Where could I get more information? Special cookware needed? Thank you for your help. Angela

  4. Hi Angela, it is a purpose built oven to cook food in with a fire either going or removed after heating the oven. We built it several years ago, you can read about it here:

    Sometimes they are called pizza ovens, Pompeii ovens or brick ovens.

  5. Just read the above comments, I now need to check out your oven:) I am in hopes of building one at some point in the near future (meaning the next year or two.) We have a few projects going on at the moment & need to get caught up before winter sets in.

  6. Christine, that is a GORGEOUS vest! All that wood oven food has me salivating... we collected free materials all year but have not yet started our oven. Too many projects to finish first. soon!

  7. Wonderful month Christine! Your garlic makes me envious and your holiday sounds just perfect!

  8. That vest looks lovely on you Chris! I love the cowl neck and the split in the sides.
    Your cauli looks good, Sarah Britton has a superb cauliflower recipe if the girls like spicy.

  9. How quickly the months fly! I can't believe it is the end of September! I was thinking about your slow living posts this week as I caught up in the garden - 'mmmm, ' I thought,'I think I am doing this just so I can take a photo for my next slow living post' . So thank you slow living posts for keeping me motivated.
    There is something perfectly perfect about that white cauliflower of yours, the pretzels look amazing and now I am off to google 'hugelkulture ' beds and find out all about them!

  10. What great fun to cook in wood oven like that, it must all smell so delicious. Love your knitted vest.
    Congratulation on getting a cauliflower to grow, we have a big problem with the deer eating ours. Only yesterday evening we watched a very small deer chew through our crop, she was such a cutie we could bring ourselves to shoo her away.

  11. I love your vest... and completely agree, wearing hand-knits is just like wearing a hug. :-)

    Congratulations on your cauliflower. I've recently discovered they can be quite delicious. ;-)

  12. I'm envious of your wood fired stove (not to mention your ability to grow cauliflower). And the vest is perfect.

  13. Lovely, lovely post. Beautiful knitted gift, yummy looking pretzels and wood fired oven cooking for a month. I am impressed, not to mention your veggies.

  14. I am enjoying the monthly review, it is a good thing to look back and savor the memories or check a project off the list. So glad you offer this forum and that I overcame my nervousness! I too am a little envious of the brick oven and your yarn 'hug' is beautiful!

  15. Beautiful photos from Wilsons Prom Christine! And I really love the vest design. Do you think your lovely relative might share the pattern details??? Apologies for my tardiness this month :)


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