Recent moments..

1. The little doggy in his brand spanking new hand knit cardi.  L♥VE.
2. The current project on my needles and a new book finished. Take a look at the Australian Story segment if you get a chance and then try and get hold of the book! It's worth a read. :)
3. Homegrown mandarins. Such a treat.
4. Pom pom creations made with the sneakiest intentions in mind.
5. Silk! Not quite the colour I was after but it will hopefully do.
6. Refinements in the art of stick damper. We get that it's all about the coil. And the drizzling of the honey into the center hole of said coil! 'boing'!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the doggy jumper! Those mandarins look delish, as does the damper!

  2. Thank you for the link to the segment about Hannah Kent. It was very thought-provoking. I had not heard of the book (based on the video, apparently I am the one person in the world who hadn't?) but now I will look for it.

    1. Not the only person, Quinn! No one I talk to about it has heard about it either! A shame as it's a really interesting story - both the author's journey writing it and the actual book.

  3. How handsome your little puppy dog looks in his new jacket.
    Those home-grown mandarins and stick damper look delicious. x

  4. Love the photos and the pom poms...I will have to make these with Sienna she will love them. Regards Kathy

  5. It never occurred to me to make pom poms using fork tines...brilliant!

  6. Love what you are doing...I try to do a lot of similar coat looks great, might try my hand at knitting a couple for my girls...also wish I had a mandarin tree...lucky you.

  7. Gorgeous doggy jumper! Love the pink coloured yarn and pom poms too. I've been meaning to buy that book :)

  8. Thanks for popping by, peeps! :)

  9. Oh that book is on my list of ones to read. That Australian Story piece on her had me transfixed...I'll be stalking my library.


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