Moments in May - Slow Living 2013

A monthly review on our progress and achievements as we strive towards living a slower, more meaningful life.
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During May we found our eating habits changing with the weather. Hearty foods were more common, including several roast dinners. What I love most about a roast meal is using up the leftovers the following night into a whole new meal - pies are easy and quick to prepare and are pretty much unrecognizable to what they were originally (good for fussy kids). Roast chicken is a given that it will be soup, but I have been missing our homemade stock and am planning on using our next lot of leftovers to make a batch for the freezer.  I'm being very good and am not finding myself in regular dessert territory - a real achievement for me!

{Prepare} Oh gee, I don't think I've done anything this month in the way of preserving or stocking up! Let me think..nope, nada, zip!

I've been making a big effort this month in eyeing off what is coming in to our home. Looking around at things in the home while decluttering makes me stop and think how it got there in the first place. Our girls' pocket money goes into a bank account for them limiting their urge to spend it in the most meaningless and wasteful ways. It sounds tough, but their savings are growing and they can finally see a reward for not squandering their hard earned money on useless stuff. I am loving a tidier house as a result.

At veggie group a few weeks ago, our host showed us her cute new gate made by her husband. I loved it so much I just had to take a snap of it - he used copper pipe from their old hot water service for the spirals and an old spoon for a handle. It got the big thumbs up and now everyone in the group now wants a gate just like this one at their place!!
The cleverly built gate from repurposed items

We are still in good supplies with our homemade soap and I am totally happy with apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse at the moment, infused with rosemary if I have time. 

What has been a real life saver for me this month though has been a cold remedy that is sooo easy to prepare. In a mug add 2-3 good strips of lemon peel (organic if possible, not sprayed), a couple of slices of fresh ginger - don't worry about peeling it and a good teaspoon of honey. Fill with hot water and let it brew for a minute or two before did wonders for a sore throat that was coming on last week. You'll get two cups out of the one lot of ingredients too! Lemon juice alone won't work - it needs to be the peel. ;)

I got around to planting out our garlic this month - close to 200 bulbs which if they grow well, will be enough to last us through the next year along with having enough to share with friends/family. 

The weather has turned bitterly cold so no more straggling tomatoes - but we are enjoying the most amazing broccoli and kale this year! The cauliflowers are also looking promising too but just take sooo much longer to grow. :)

May really was the month I got the knitting bug again - there are so many projects on my list that I want to get to I am feeling anxious! I did however take part in my first ever test knit - a hat for Linda, along with making myself a shawlette with handspun yarn. A bit of shop knitting took place too and I went on a little excursion to the Bendigo Woollen Mills during the month to gather supplies for a gift I want to give to a friend. If only there were 30 hours in the day so I could spend more time on it!

For mother's day I received an e-reader and have been learning how to load books onto it. Aside from loading novels (Jodi Picoult's are my favourites - love her stories), I've been finding out how to transfer knitting patterns onto it! Imagine, a whole library of knitting and crochet patterns in your bag to use whenever you want!! I am also liking the idea of digital magazines of the crafty variety as I don't really buy them due to their clutter factor but this digital way could be the answer. Interweave Knits has been seducing me with their gorgeous patterns. More projects to add to the list..right?

 A good friend lent me a cute little read last week- so much earthy, no-fuss advice and beautiful photography - perfect for a break in front of the fire with a hot drink.

My favourite good will gesture during the month was the 'Biggest Morning Tea' held at my local spinning group in order to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Having lost my own dad from cancer, it was nice to be in good company while supporting this cause. Everyone brought a plate of food to share and something to donate for the auction. So much knitted and handmade goodness made my knees go wobbly!!

I took the opportunity to do some early birthday shopping for family members, knowing that I could never find such individual gifts in the shops made with as much love and care as had been put into these items.
Wow, talk about making a person feel warm and fuzzy inside! The whole day was fantastic and heart warming!!

*Note: the knitted sandwiches and cupcakes!
As is the case so often, it's the little things I enjoy each month. A toasty warm fire, daughters who like to bake, fresh fresh eggs, a husband who takes time out from his busy day to fix my broken spinning know, all the bits that make up a life! I hope you enjoyed moments like these during the month. :)

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  1. I love your packaging with the little crochet flowers.

  2. Great Post - its good to be thankful and appreciate the small things. I wish I was at that morning tea. Problem is, that most of them were organised on week days and not having the time to organise one myself, I missed out.

  3. Lots of lovely things happening in your last month Christine.
    I'd like a flick through that magazine too. I was given a mini ipad for Mothers Day, and having been dead against anything vaguely like that before it was a lovely surprise to find out...I love it. For magazines and other things of the cluttery kind it's a perfect use.
    Enjoy those cold wintery nights by the fire.

  4. Love the look of that pie at the top....You'll have to tell me how you get the fancy edging on your pie as the dish looked plain around the top. That magazine looks beautiful just from the cover.

    Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. enjoyed this post along with the previous ones - havn't left a comment for a while but still reading....

  6. Your post is so full of lovely simple ideas - a spoon for a gate handle, crocheted flowers for a gift tag, patterns onto an e-reader... love them all!

  7. I just love this time of the year... those trees are magnificent! I also have that copy of the simple magazine - good isnt it?

  8. I love that gate too - its a great way to be creative with what is on hand. Its fun too to see our seasons at opposite ends of the world. We are just about to head into summer over here. Our trees hold colour too, but ours are spring flowers to your beautiful autumn colours.

  9. I've never thought of putting leftovers into a pie, what a good idea. I just make fry-up with them.
    Didn't realize it was possible to put pattern on to e-readers! Wow I'm learning a lot from your month of May!
    Lovely pictures. Enjoy June.

  10. We're moving from cold into the warm weather seasons here and meals quickly move to lighter fare. I love changing up our meals to match the weather. Nothing like a good chili or stew in cold weather, or a beautiful salad in summer!

  11. Isn't it lovely to be back in the snuggly season! I appreciate the remedy, I've had a cold for the last few days and I struggle to accept that I'm not well. I keep telling people that I'm better but the symptoms won't go away. I think the reality is that I'm still crook, don't want to be, and I'm trying to trick myself!

    Don't have ginger so I might add some cider vinegar instead.

    You've done well to have broccoli already! I didn't get mine in early enough because the weather was so hot!

  12. Oh I just love reading about all the things you have done this month, and have made the decision to participate again. I love including lemon peel whenever I use juice - I didn't know it was a natural remedy as well!

  13. I must try the spoon handle idea! I've used pieces of branch as handles and grab-rails, but a spoon would be even easier, I think, and it looks charming :)

  14. I want that gate with the spoon handle. How lovely!You know what I also love, is that the lady's husband made it for her - men show their love in such beautiful ways.
    Must get onto my slow living post..I am so late...again!

  15. I am even later with my May post. I'm also a bit confused about the two places to comment though. All your photos are so enticing, and I loved reading your blog again Christine. I tried your calendula salve recipe using macadamia nut oil. It came out a bit greasy. Is the olive oil version greasy too? I may have left it in the slow cooker too long.

  16. Lovely....finally linking up today :)


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