Sunny Days Shawlette

It feels like I'm playing catch up at the moment ..lots of jobs to be done not to mention projects that are calling! A quick post today to share my Sunny Days/Ocean Waves shawlette with you. This was my first attempt at a shawlette and I have been enjoying wearing it back to front and front to back! I am loving the versatility of this little knit!

It was knitted with some of my handspun alpaca/wool that had been dyed over the summer while the scalloped blue edging is from a skein of handspun that was dyed at a recent dyeing day. 

The pattern can be found here at Nurturing Fibres (free for the month of May - not much time left!). Many thanks to Carle for offering this lovely pattern. :)

Shawlette is raveled here. 

Enjoy your Tuesday out there peeple! ;)


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I have seen this shawl on various blogs and haven't really been inspired to try it until seeing yours. Your homespun is gorgeous. I look forward to one day having homespun as lovely as yours, and also to one day doing some dyeing. I have now got a shawl pattern tucked away for myself.

  2. What a lovely wrap. Love the wavy edge and the beautiful colours. I could do with a little shawl like this over my shoulders. Might have to make one.

  3. How satisfying that must be to have spun the wool yourself, Christine. It's just beautiful and as you say very useful

  4. Your shawlette is so beautiful and you knitted it in your own handspun, that makes it even more special!

  5. Oh this is fantastic! You must be delighted with it.

    I'm working on another shawlette and hope to have it available in July.


    1. Thanks so much for the pattern, Carle! Looking forward to making another. :)

  6. Beautiful! Just the right amount of warmth!

  7. oh you clever girl. That looks gorgeous!

  8. That's beautiful, love the color combination.
    I finished mine last week and it has now been shipped off to my friend daughter for her birthday. I'm planning on making another for myself as a holiday knit in July.

  9. Rocking the shawlette today, just gorgeous and love the wool


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