Mothers Day '13

  • The glass coffee plunger broke and spilled all over hubby and his new birthday gifted sandstone coloured pants. Hot coffee. Hot, hot, hot coffee. A whole plungers' worth.
  • Hot coffee liquid and grounds and broken glass splashed all over the recently mopped floor (if you knew how long my floor had been crying out for a mop, this alone would make you weep).
  • The pooch mistook the 11yo's bedroom curtain for a convenient tree trunk amidst the mayhem of siblings and visiting cousins.
  • The youngest cousin was found long after the game of hide and seek had ended, still hiding, still waiting to be found. Apparently the older participants had forgotten all about him in their haste to move onto the next game..
  • The weather turned nasty and in turn the house turned chilly. Scant is the only way to describe the kindling supply we had on hand. The fire was painfully slow to light while people shivered politely.
  • Technology failed right when we hoped to see some exciting new plans online..
  • Hot coffeeness seeping into every nook and cranny imaginable.
  • I poured tea for people who wanted coffee and most likely, vice-versa.
  • I felt frustrated and snappy for no apparent reason.
  • I cheekily? requested to 'swap'  the Mothers Day breakfast treats in favour of a dinner time snack. The thing is by dinner time I was not even the slightest bit hungry and had unwittingly forfeited my Mothers Day fuss and all of the special moments that go with it. *sob* Karma? Maybe.

  • On the up side, hubby suffered no burns!
  • The pooch didn't run up the street when the door was left wide open -  he actually stayed put when I called at him to 'stop'!
  • We caught up with Oma and saw pictures of her fascinating travels through the Northern Territory.
  • We had more coffee to brew! Even an extra percolator (there is something to be said here for hoarding). 
  • The tea was good. Very good.
  • As was the pavlova. My brother does make a very mean pav!
  • It clicked that I was being unreasonably hormonal and that it would pass in a day or so.
  • The fire eventually was lit and made the lounge room warm and toasty for a Sunday night knitting session.
  • It occurred to me that every day is a 'Mothers Day' so what does it matter if one day doesn't turn out how we expected it to. Isn't what happens over the course of a week, month or year more important? Cherishing those tender moments with each of our children as they arise? It doesn't have to all be on the one day!
  • It would be positively blissful not to have to do anything on Mothers Day and be waited on hand and foot but in reality when does this ever happen? And would I really enjoy it if it actually did happen? I'm ok not knowing the answer to that one..
  • Next year will have a number 14 next to it!

How was your day?


  1. Christine..this is called "real life" hey....there is sort of a build up for us to be pampered however on the morning radio the other day they were saying...we still have to wash and iron uniforms and get ready for the week so that the rest of the week runs smoothly. Still it's a nice thought that we all could be pampered and do nothing for the day. I love the fact that my kids get so excited about their cards and $5 gifts from the School Mothers' Day Stall - that's what I get $10 worth of presents and I'm fine with that because I have them and their unconditional love for their Mother. Enjoy your week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane Australia

  2. Aaah, don't we love our hormones, darling? No-one was cut and bleeding, that wouldn't happen in our house if I was hormonal. :) I'm glad your hubby didn't get burnt, that's a VERY good outcome. You've made me smile...lots of love to you all. x

  3. Oh my goodness I am so glad Mr Slow Living was OK. A soak of a tablespoon of vinegar in COLD water may get that stain out of the new trousers.

  4. Ha I was a little like that last year, I think my outlook was all wrong, grumpy from the beginning about Mr Bowerbird going to the football. I tried to be more zen this year. The kids were so cute this year, Abi was counting the days and they went nuts with the card making. I felt very loved, and I cooked nothing, what more could a mum want.

  5. I identified with everyone in this story ,but particularly the small cousin who didn't get found in hide and seek. I was an incredibly good hider when I was a kid and when no one found me I would pull out a book and enjoy the peace and quiet.
    I had conflicting emotions on mother's day because I wanted to cook and be a good mother and Little G ( who is not so little anymore) wanted to cook and be a good daughter ...we had to learn to meet each other in the middle .So Mothers day for me was learning to not take over and to let mistakes happen.
    Still loving my beanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Plan B for the trousers is soak them in a large bowl of fresh coffee... at least they'll be close to all one colour... (!?)

    Yes, I can't say it's ever 'stereotypically perfect' but I love my kids and that's what counts.

  7. I think we've all had one of those days. When I was married to the father of my children I got nothing for Mother's day. I wasn't his mother after all. But now I get breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked for me and I'm not the mother of his children but he appreciates the fact that I am a good mother!. But I have no expectations from this man and did from the first.

  8. Woops sorry that last comment was from me, Kate. But I can't log in. Purplepearblog.

  9. Oh dear! I feel almost guilty coz I had a GREAT day! Nothing worse than being in a funk but thanks for sharing. 'twas a bit funny!

  10. My day was spent in bed...doped up on pain meds and sleeping. Hurt my neck but thankfully it is better today. Hubby and the kids went out to friends as planned as I was not good company. I did get breakfast and some chocolates too :)

  11. Thank you all for sharing (and for your laundry tips ;0).
    It really was just 'one of those days.
    I received some lovely handmade cards that were more appreciated than anything else.
    Hi-five to all of the mums out there, you are beauty, strength and goodness all rolled into one package. xx


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