I've had two doses of sad news from very dear people this week. Both have caused me to stop and ponder all things meaningful. Searching deep inside, trying to make sense of life and it's many wonders and challenges we all seem to face along the way.

My thoughts and hugs are with them. xx

Opp. shopping is always a nice diversion from everyday life. A good haul this week with several pairs of newish jeans as my old ones were falling apart at the seams. Fabric to sew (I'm thinking long tunic top), a vintage cake tin for storing sewing supplies and a substantial collection, although not complete, of Golden Hands publications. A while back I pounced upon a collection of hardback books by the same name and they are referenced a LOT! These vintage mags are sooo absorbing, with actual useful information offered to the know, from back in the day when the majority of people actually made things? With their hands!! Imagine that! What a find..

Hubby was looking out the window a week or so ago and happened to notice a frequent visitor perched menacingly close to our much loved silkie chickens. If you click on the image, you can see just on the right side of the tree, the foxy hind legs and tail poking out. This was taken at midday, so no chance of letting our feathered friends out of their hutch unless I am out there with them...ugh. Who ever brought foxes to this island continent??! I'm very thankful my handmade hutch is holding up to these daily foxy visits..

{local alpaca/wool - two ply, sport weight}
{local alapaca/corridale wool, 2 ply, dk weight}
Thankful for spinning and the gentle meditative state it brings. Truly soothing for the soul.
And being in contact with spinning folk always a nice thing.

Tween origami. Love it!

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes! After being out after school recently, running errands, this was the easiest dinner to come home to, Bruschetta. We made what seemed enough to feed an army, but it all got eaten! Very satisfying indeed..


Your favourite crusty bread..however much your tummy is telling you it needs
olive oil
one garlic clove, cut in half
a small bowl of ricotta (2 cups)
a big bowl of tomatoes
a big bunch of basil
red onion, sliced, optional
extra virgin olive oil,
good balsamic vinegar
s & p

Chop the tomatoes and tear up the basil. Mix them together in a bowl and add the red onion, if using. Stir through some (2-3 tbs of each) extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Season to taste and set aside.

Slice the bread into thick chunks and place on a baking tray. Brush with a little olive oil and grill/broil for a few minutes each side until toasted to your liking. Rub the toasted bread with the cut end of the garlic clove.

Smear each piece of toasted bread with some creamy ricotta and then place spoonfuls of the bruschetta mix on top. Gobble up immediately. Be well satisfied. :)


  1. yum, looks like a great simple dinner. Such a bold fox, not so fantastic. Sad news, a gift to make us remember to appreciate our lives and health a little more.

  2. That first plying photograph is very beautiful!

  3. NO, you keep those girls locked up tight.........from that bushy tailed gentleman....

    1. Pfft, I know, Suzanne, although I fear he is NO gentleman!! ;)

  4. We seem to have been hearing bad news regularly this year too, it keeps me feeling blessed and lucky that's for sure. That fox is brazen, isn't it? Pretty rare to be so close during the day, but I guess they are getting more and more used to people these days. And I have to say that your yarn is DIVINE, I want to reach out and stroke it! Yum! I *must* try spinning.

    Cheers, Julie

    1. Daytime fox visits are really frustrating me at the moment, Julie. *sigh*. The funny thing, since you mentioned weaving looms the other day, I've been seeing them in nearly every op-shopped book I open! You would love spinning..very calming. :)

  5. Eek, hate seeing those foxes in the daytime! We have issues here, too, and I'm saving up for solar electric poultry netting so my chickies can have more room to roam again. Your spinning is beautiful, and that bruschetta has my mouth watering for summer - I just started my tomato seeds a few days ago :)

    Sorry to hear about your friends' difficult times. Things like that always give me pause too.

    1. Solar electric netting sounds good, Jaime, although I doubt we would get enough sun over winter to use it. We do have a panel though that we used for goat fencing so maybe something to look into.

      I love that time when the tomatoes are all coming up..the hope and promise of harvests to come. Enjoy!

  6. My friend gave me all her copys of Golden Hands hard cover books when she moved up north she had no room for them in the truck. I love them they great books.
    I hope that fox stays away from your chooks!

    1. Great books to refer back to, aren't they, Anne. :)

  7. OMG! A fox? In your yard? During the day? Thats a bit scary... I get the odd scrub turkey, cockatoo and even a neighbour or two in our yard - but never a fox. Im thinkin' of ya, little chookies! Stay safe! - K xx

  8. I saw a dead fox on our local highway which is not at all far from our place AND in the MDIDLE of suburbia... as in, a long way from anywhere I expect to find a fox... bit of a worry...

    Love the spinning pics

    and yes, red velvet cupcakes are a bit scary! Hope the experimenting is fun though. :)


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