A Woolly Monday

Late last week I finished making a tea cosy I had been working on in the evenings. Having a deadline in the way of a group of veggie gardening women arriving at ones house is the best kind of deadline to have, in my opinion. I desperately wanted to finish it before it was my turn to host the group and I'm pleased to say that I just scraped it in..with a late night sewing in session the night before.

I've never had a flowery tea cosy, nor a lined one either for that matter. After stealthily inspecting a few tea cosies on my travels and pouring over several vintage patterns, I knew that lining was definitely the way to go. Anything to keep the tea hot for longer, yes? A drawstring at the top was a must too, for one must be able to check the level of the pot without removing the whole cover.

It was also my first time making a twisted cord. What fun! Having the middle daughter holding the end onto  a doorknob while I inserted a pencil in the other end and twisted and twisted the lengths until they doubled back on themselves. Magic!

I think it's rather fitting to have a flowery tea cosy to place on the table at this time of year, don't you? And it really does keep tea hot for longer!

The body was knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply wool in a basket weave stitch while the flowers were created by following the directions from this book.  The lining was knit in garter stitch. Handspun/hand dyed scraps were used for the flowers and I relented and crocheted the centre of the daffodil as knitting it on four toothpick sized needles just wasn't happening for me.

There is just something about the ceremony of sitting down to tea, isn't there? It forces one to stop and breath in a moment or two of calm before resuming the busyness of the day once again.

Have a woolly project to share, either finished or in the making? Tell me, I would love to hear!
Feel free to link to your project in the comments section. :)


  1. That is just lovely! Now you just need some of my cookies!

  2. You are so clever, that teapot cover is gorgeous. I'm struggling to knit a basic plain square. I've decided sewing is my forte, as I'm just about to finish up sewing the curtains for the three kids bedrooms. And I've thoroughly enjoyed it too!

  3. Okay, I've just added that book to my Christmas wish list.... what a beautiful tea cosy!

  4. The cozy is so beautiful, perfect for Spring! :)

  5. Lovely.... and how good does tea taste when it is served from a garden tea cosy? Have you seen mine? http://al-wrightbeingus.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/tea-in-grannys-garden.html

  6. Love a warm pot of tea.....snuggled in its cosy....

  7. I love it! You are so clever! The daffodil is so beautiful. I would love to be able to knit the cute accessory bits but need to concentrate on the basics still.

  8. So pretty...love those flowers. Just in time for Spring!

  9. I Love it! I too have that book and love adorning the things I make with beautiful flowers. Here's a tea cosy I made for some delightful friends... http://stitchesandseeds.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/extremely-floral.html


  10. This is such a beautiful tea cost, and I'm sure your gardening friends enjoyed it too. I do admire your talent.

  11. Well done your cosy is' blooming marvellous', hehe.......Love it particularly the Daffodil, am a bit partial to Narcissi........

    Cuppa's all the more enjoyable when there's a gorgeous cosy keeping the pot warm.

    Claire :}

  12. That tea cosy is fantastic, you did a great job!


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