The week...

It started off with the arrival of a special visitor. The girls' great grandmother from interstate.

The following day we were treated to an unexpected snow shower on our way home from the market. It's been a few years since we've seen snow in our parts - this was a real surprise! Other people were out capturing the moment too..

A true delight for our visitor! The last time she had seen snow was back in Europe quite a number of years ago..
Wonderful stories of a fascinating life to listen to, worthy of a book in my opinion. 

The sourdough has been bubbling away, with the kitchen being the ideal temperature for it to be sitting out on the bench (so I can remember to feed it!)..

Not much is coming in from the garden at the moment unless you count silverbeet and eggs! 

This particular night is was large pasta shells stuffed with ricotta, parmesan and spinach (silverbeet), baked in a garlic-y passata and topped with more parmesan..

The clean fleece was just begging to be dried near the fire, on a rack mind you to keep the ancient cat from making herself too comfortable on it..

..and was later carded on the drum carder which is (still!) on loan from spinning group..

An exciting event during the week- our 'local' has opened back up again after too many years standing empty. A lovely cosy place on the mountain to head for a meal on a chilly winter's night. It also helped that the desserts were sensational!
Oh yes, that chocolate fondant was really something to write home about! Oh wait, we were at home...or just a hop, skip and a jump from it.

Soggy paddocks seem to be everywhere at the moment, which is somewhat of a comfort. It's not just our place that is under water!

Glorious sunshine making an appearance after being too long in hiding.
Bring on the winter bulbs and some drying winds please!

I hope your week was enjoyable. x


  1. I didn't know it had snowed, we missed it! We had a very similar pasta dish tonight. Hard to feel inclined to even see what's pickable in the garden at the moment, sooo chilly. Love your sour dough! Such a thing of beauty. We had the sticky date pudding at the local recently and it was pretty tasty too.

  2. How wonderful that the 'local pub' is now back in business! I know that new memories will mingled with the old ones :)

    The wool looks luscious...I am awaiting to order my brushes to card and begin to spin the yarn that was a gift from my spinning group also :)


  3. Love the snow photos - you captured pure joy!
    Here in NZ it has been cold but we have had some lovely sunny days. Our girls have stopped laying good to see your girls are still going.
    Cabbages and silverbeet is being harested from our garden.
    Love Leanne NZ

  4. How is it that you manage to make winter look so...delicious?! Though I'm enjoying the dog days of summer right now, your photographs make me crave the slowness and intimacy of winter days.

    And that snow (and those smiles)! *swoon*

  5. love the long shadows favourite time of day. And yes I agree with the Finicky farmer, you do manage to make winter look so delicious.

  6. What a great week you've had! It must be nice to have a place to eat close by again. And snow! Could it get any better? :)

  7. I have a child now wanting it to snow here after seeing your snow pictures, - not much hope of that on the north coast- a heavy frost will be about all he will get!

  8. The look on great-grannie's face is the joy of a child! I love that photo!!! What a lovely week.

  9. That pasta looks good in the cold!

    GG looks like she is having a ball.

  10. where oh where do you get your large pasta shells i have never seens them before the dish looks yumbo

    1. Hi there, Joyful, the giant pasta shells were purchased from LaManna Direct, near Essendon Airport:

      If your not near there perhaps try an Italian delicatessen? :)

  11. it's so good that we've had so much rain and that the dams are over 70% makes the thought of summer and the heat less threatening..but it also makes it hard to get clothes dry and the soil soggy..

    your pasta and bread look amazing christine..yum!

  12. Great Grandmothers are very special indeed. The Monkey's GG dropped in this week as well... although it didn't snow here when she came :-)

  13. What a lovely post! Love your sour dough and great pasta shell dish.

  14. All those photos of winter warmth and fun! Almost (and I mean almost) makes me want to hang out in cold places, but the memory of being cold in Yass in the weekend is still too new! Love your photography! - Kara xx

  15. Just wondering if you could post the recipe for the stuffed pasta shells.
    It looks absolutely delicious

  16. Hi Christine, I had a go at making your slow cooker stock and it turned out so beautifully that I blogged about it today and linked it back to your post. Check it out and thanks once again for the recipe/process.


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