Here, now.

Hello! I hope you're having a good Tuesday.

It's frrreeeezing here today and I've been stoking the fire like a mad woman. I figure if it's going to be this cold it may as well snow and give us all some joy, as there is no way I'm going outside to work in this weather!

So, it's a little update on our here and now, while I listen to the blustery wind and steady drizzle that just won't go away...

Those mittens were finally finished! They are very quirky in places and ahhh, have unique thumbs to finish them off. I guess this is what happens when one refused to follow a pattern! Not to worry though, she still loves them and they fit, which is the most important thing, right?

Over the weekend, the new silkies got a lovely dose of attention. I've set up a little playpen for them in the orchard that they can scratch and peck in until such time that I am motivated enough to organise a proper mobile tractor for them..

We just love it how after a few short moment in the dewy grass, their fashionable pom-pom hair-do's are saturated and all mohawky! Particularly Schwarzy, above! Hilarious!

Although I had to cringe when Snowflake, below, took her first 'dust' bath the other day, if you can call flapping around in damp dirt a dust bath. Those beautiful white feathers were sadly no more!

I've just put on a big pot of homemade baked beans (Boston style), in the slow cooker after being inspired by Linda at Greenhaven. I've used borlotti beans which I soaked overnight and simmered this morning (cannellini are what was called for in my book but this is what I had handy), then added worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, chopped bacon, tomato paste and a jar of peeled tomatoes. Oh and some chopped onions, too!  I hope they're tasty, we'll have them on some homemade bread/toast for dinner - it's kids' activities tonight so something easy is needed..

And the recall, from The Jumper?

I've been having a most wonderful time seeing it transform into a Tappan Zee cardi. I'm even enjoying seeing how the dyeing imperfections add to the character of the garment! I can't wait to wear it, it feels so cosy just sitting on my lap as it grows.

Hoping your day is keeping you warm and happy! 


  1. A damp dust bath, I can imagine she'd like like another chook after that.
    Homemade baked beans sound delicious, and they'd be perfect for the cooler weather.

    1. A completely different chook, Zara! I was amazed though, how effective her preening was later in the day..she was pretty much back to her former self!

  2. Oh I bet those baked beans simmering smell wonderful! Your knitting is lovely.

    1. I was really happy with how the beans turned out, aa. Especially the nice reception they got at the dinner table - definitely one to make again..

  3. Hello Christine:)

    I love the mittens, ever since I read The Mitten to Kye he has been asking me for some, I think I need to cast on this week.

    Your chickens are darling, ours also enjoy a good sand bath too.

    Thank you for the recipe, it sounds really yummy and looks delicious!

    Oh, I love your cardi you're knitting, I will have to start this pattern once my Tea Leaves is finished. I also enjoy knitting with a variegated wool, it adds so much more character.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Oh, I must look up The Mitten, Linda, I haven't come across that one before.

      I think after we finish our respective cardis we should swap over..I am really keen to try the Tea Leaves pattern! xx

  4. Those photos of your daughter and her mittens are gorgeous! Your baked beans sound yummy! Btw I use borlotti beans too.

    The cardi is so pretty. I can't wait until I make something from wool I have spun. It must be so satisfying! At the moment I am madly knitting a dress for Belle so I haven't worked on my knitting skills for quite some time.

    1. Oh, that's good to hear you use borlotti beans too, Linda. They are quite large and...really meaty, well for a bean, anyway! We really enjoyed them.

      Knitting with handspun is like the holy grail of handcrafts! It seems to take SOOo long to get their the first time, but pretty soon you'll have yarn coming at you from every which way! x

  5. hello christine
    the mittens are wonderful.your baked beans sound very delicious!!!
    the cardi look nice,thanks for the link.the weather is not nice,it rained all days and it's cold.we have 10 grad,to cold for june.
    wish you a cosy time,
    love regina

    1. Hi Regina! I hope your weather improves soon, it is meant to be Summer over there, after all! Keep well, Christine. :)

  6. Those mittens are gorgeous! Great colours! I also love the cardi -I've looked at that pattern a few times and thought about knitting it! Cute chooks!:-)

  7. I too make Boston baked beans - very similar recipe, but in the oven (for four hours). I'm looking forward to trying them in my new slow cooker - and for the record I always use borlotti beans.

  8. Adorable mittens for an adorable little one! Your recipe looks yummy.

  9. Love the colour of the yarn and the cardi looks beautiful


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