The week..

It's been nice to immerse myself again in a little domesticity this week after spending the majority of last week working on the hutch.

Time to get back into the swing of the garden..

..and moving the chook dome. I'm planning on putting garlic in the vacated bed (soon, very soon! Must get onto that!)

Why, hello!

A couple more dyeing experiments..more gum leaves and below the yellow has been made with turmeric.
(Fibre is alpaca).
Onions - red and brown. I need to prick out those cauliflower seedlings..maybe tomorrow!

Modest harvests but still appreciated..(and used)

We have loads more wood to stack near the house. It's so convenient though being able to step just outside the front door for a log. Plus it's under cover here thanks to the verandah, which makes for better (and warmer!) burning..

..and it's such fun to sneakily re-locate a few logs to within the vicinity of the bambino wood oven. Stoking the fire while gardening is a great diversion between jobs!

And cooking dinner in it is a bonus!

What have you been up to during the week? 


  1. Christine your photos are gorgeous and highlight the telltale signs of Winter...beanie, fingerless gloves, soft light, warm fires and a wood stock to boot.
    ....still can't get over that hutch!

  2. Loving the photos. You look so warm and cozy.

  3. Christine, your veg garden is looking lovely, so full of growth and fresh produce!

    I love your chook dome, I have been wanting to build one since I read about it in Linda Woodrow's Permaculture book. We have dogs in the back garden and our veggie patch is in the back garden, so it's no place for chickens unfortunately...

    Your dyeing looks wonderful on that soft alpaca.

    Your wood oven looks amazing, I am off to read about it now.

    Take care

  4. You are teasing me with the wood oven picture! We are in the midst of collecting free bricks to make our own and can't wait!

  5. All looks very wintery over there, Christine!
    I have been thinking of chicken domes alot - very interested in the geodesic domes at the moment. Yours looks great in amongst the garden, the chicks look very sheltered.

  6. I'm jealous of the wood! We're having one of those 'cut as you go' years. I hate being behind because it's always the coldest days that we run short. Still, thank goodness for the seasonal variations! It makes life wonderful.

  7. Ooh it looks so wintry and cosy there! We have a chilly wind here now very wintry in Sydney today.
    I'm just emerging after two weeks with a cold and wondering where to start! Always inspired by all your progress ..

  8. Our week has been similar to yours , in the garden at least even to moving chook domes. I'm also a little jealous of your wood stack and the pizza oven.


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