Up for a bit of fun, I'm joining in with Evi from Sister Sun and her colour themed post for this week on you guessed it...the colour Pink!
It's also nice to dig deep into those forgotten picture folders on the computer for pics taken with the intention of posting them on the blog but never happened for whatever reason and actually doing so!

A few thoughts on the colour pink:

When my girls were small they wore a LOT of pink. To do the washing I would separate whites from darks and then have a separate load altogether for pinks. I do not lie!

Pink reminds me of fairy floss and cupcake icing. In nature, my favourite pinks come from cyclamens, tulips and  fruit tree blossom. My most treasured toy when I was a youngster was a pink teddy bear aptly named 'Rosie'. I think my mum may still have it! (?) My nana was forever taking Rosie in for operations to sew her up..she was hugged until she was falling apart at the seams!

These days my girls don't wear pink so much, although I do see it occasionally sneaking into hairclips and *gasp* shall I say it...make up!

Thanks for this link up, Evi, here are my pinky contributions:


  1. I ADORE your pink flowers and the leaf mustache on the pretty pink dressed girl is priceless.

  2. I'm so happy you joined in, Christine! I've had such a lot of fun going back through my older pics and working on a post just about a colour! I really love that pic of the pink wool on the tree branches - I just like the contrast of the softness with the rustic look of nature. And I had to laugh about your pink washing loads!! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  3. What beautiful photos! I love the windflower. I've planted two because I love them but they aren't very well. I don't spend much time looking after my flower garden!

  4. Beautiful! I love pink, but for some reason, I can't convince any of my three men to wear it.. ;-)


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