Such a busy week! I've barely had time to stop and breathe! It's nice to catch up on a few things today though and share with you what I've been doing in those moments that had to be snatched otherwise they would be lost to the vortex of time over the past few days...

After a big day out to the city with my mum on the train, it was once again my turn for having Friday veggie group here. The group has grown and there were 13 of us (rather compactly) seated around our kitchen table.
Throw in a birthday too and it was a right cause for celebration! You can read more about the day here.

It seems pallet compost bays are everywhere at the moment and  after grabbing a peak at Costa making some a week or two ago I was all geared up to have some of my very own! Pallets for the pricely sum of $1 each and some star picket stakes saw the job completed, thanks to those veggie grouping ladies!

And they're soooo big, too! Now the fun can start by filling them...

Elsewhere, I've been grabbing odd moments of time to create my own little 'dyer's corner' outside, under the verandah. Being outside, I feel much more comfortable about foraging for greenery and weeds and cooking up a big pot of them, witchy style, without fear of the family inhaling the fumes.

A quick scout around the garage revealed an unused microwave, our portable camp stove/oven and a vintage electric frying pan that belonged to my mum. A trestle table in position and voila! We are good to go. ;)

I also remembered I had a tip scrounged sink lurking in my outside (junk) pile of goodness.

Until such time as a frame is made (preferably with wheels, ha!) for this little sink here, a couple of saw horses seems to do a fine job of holding it up..directly over a drain pipe which is even better!

After christening the new 'kitchen' (?) by dyeing some alpaca, I pulled out this drying rack that I had fashioned a couple of weeks ago using an old dog bed frame (again, from the tip), covered with a lightweight mesh. It's great for allowing fibre to dry as the air can circulate underneath and the frame can be moved around easily to where it is warmest..

I also came across an interesting link on plants to grow for dyeing purposes. It's a really comprehensive list!

What's been keeping you occupied during those odd moments of free time? 

(Thanks for adding your links to the Slow Living Month 4 post. I am hoping to get around to visit your blogs very soon, to see what fun stuff you've been up to!)


  1. Wow, Christine - that's awesome! Super fantastic fabulous!!!!!!!!

  2. How wonderful to be able to re-use all these goodies and the outdoor set-up is brilliant

    1. Ha, Sherri! You forgot exciting! ;)

      Yess, Sue, I can't wait to use it..properly. :D

  3. You know , your 'Friday vegie group' got me starting one here in our local area! We meet once a month and it is such a nice way to connect with people.
    Mmmm, we have pallets too....might have to get compost making.
    Thanks for another inspiring post.

    1. That's so cool that the vegie group is catching, it's just the best!

    2. I love that you have your own group, Kim! And I was so happy when I heard the name - 'Girls with Boots' is just soooo appropriate!

  4. Great compost area. I just love Costa.
    Your frying pan brings back memories, mum had one just the same.

  5. Oh Wow! You have been soooo productive! I love you outdoor set-up. I have compost bins made from pallets too. Mine cost me $0 coz I was just cheeky enough to drop in at our railway line while they were doing work, and ask for them.

    We are due to have our Black Market on the weekend and I can't wait. It's my time to 'connect' if that's not too corny. I think I've missed a couple of your posts coz my week's been hectic too. Btw, love your use of junk!!!

    1. Yes, Sarah, I think this was known as THE schnitzel pan - it made the BEST schnitzels ever.

      Ooh now, aren't you the sneaky one, Linda! Love it! Happy Black Marketing. :)

  6. Wow I've just found you and this amazing blog. I'm going to try and read all your blogs tonight so I can get some great ideas. I'm going to make the pallet compose bins on the weekend.

    Thanks heaps

  7. You are so resourceful and good at finding exactly what you need! Have fun dyeing!

  8. Ms Resourceful I can't understand why you don't have any time lately ;-)
    Love your new dying kitchen, think of all those beautiful colours you'll be tinkering with...then spinning... then knitting.... then wearing! (And that my friend, is very cool.)

    1. Hellooo Sam! SO nice of you to stop and say hi. :)

      That is a very nice comment, Fiona - much nicer than it feels sometimes..scrounging around like a tip rat. But all for a good cause.. ;)

  9. ooooh bugger. you're dyeing not dying... clearly.

  10. wow christine that is a great idea!!!

    love your idea!!!

    wish you a wonderful week,
    love regina

  11. Ain't life grand!! You have been having a lot of fun with friends, family and piles of goodness! I have been busy with work, housework and not a lot else - this post has inspired me to call some one and organise a coffee! - Kara

    1. Wishing you a nice week too, Regina!! :)

      Coffee, stat, Kara. Seriously, last week was a cyclone of activity - but in a good way. Just remember what Rhonda says..housework is never completely finished, so you don't have to do it all at once! ;)

  12. Wonderful! It all loks wonderful, I am in love with your compost beds. Oh to own or not have such lawn loving landlords : )

  13. How wonderful that you have a Veggie Group, that must be so interesting!

    I love your dyer's corner. We also use pallets for out compost heap, I can't believe how cheap they are for all that wood, anyway I'm not complaining:)

    I really like how you have the hoops over your veggies to protect them from birds.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the dyed Alpaca.

    Take care and Happy Mother's Day for Sunday:)


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