A Dyer's Delight!

Just a quick post tonight but one I wanted to share.

Instead of our usual activities at spinning group this week, we instead met at a member's home for a dyeing day. Oh my goodness, it was amazing!! I am so inspired..there were so many techniques to try and colours coming out of the dye pots my head is (you guessed it) spinning. 

Take a peek!

 I have never seen so many skeins of handspun yarn in the one place at the one time!

Set up in the host's carport, there seemed to be portable camping stoves with enormous pots on them in every available space! Plus a large central table for 'painting' the dye onto skeins. A portable sink with hose and a microwave as an alternative heating source completed the set up...oops, add a tea/coffee/snack table just inside the back door to the list and then the set up was complete! And buckets, lots of buckets. Oh, and chairs too, although they didn't seem to be getting much sitting done on them...

Both synthetic and natural dyes were in use...

Below, a eucalyptus leaf dye bath! 

....and here is the eucalyptus yarn after is had been simmering for quite some time:
 What an amazing colour! From Nature!! Don't you just love her generosity? 

 There are the eucalyptus dyed skeins down in the bottom left corner. I have been seduced!

I wish I had taken a photo of the peach leaf dyed wool..this was the most beautiful sage green (mordant was copper).  The top right yarn in the pic below is 'watermelon' made from a derivative of madder.

Unfortunately, I didn't dye anything myself as it was hubby's birthday and I had a million other thoughts on my mind (plus jobs to do!). However, I did take my wheel and got in a quick hour or so of spinning for the youngest's hat and mittens that she has requested.

What a fantastic day! I am off to go and play with some gum leaves...ahh, what fun! 


  1. WOW! LOVE all those beautiful colors. Those "workshop" type days are always so much fun.

  2. What fantastic colours! And what a great day of fun as well, no wonder you were inspired!

  3. Gorgeous colours. Sounds like a fabulous day.

  4. Simply amazing, such wonderous colours from nature. Looking forward to some time to spin and play with some dyeing.

  5. This must have been amazing!! Wow! The colours are so lovely.
    I have dyed with eucalyptus bark, the colour is brilliant.

    I hope to join in your Slow Living Month by Month next time, such an inspiration.

    Take care

  6. Thanks all - it was great to see how the 'pros' do their dyeing!

    Linda..did you use a particular species of eucalyptus for the bark dyeing? I would love to try some - we have loads of gum trees on our property.
    (It would be lovely to have you join in next month, too!). :)

    1. Christine, I am not sure of the species, I collect from a park where the bark has fallen off the trees. The first bark I tried had a reddish colour that produced the most wonderful red-brown yarn. It really is lovely and rich. Dyeing up more skeins today with onion skins:)

  7. Just amazing, beautiful work, thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh frabjous day! What an amazing celebration of all things wool. Lucky you. Away to the eucalyptus tree and dye pot!

    1. You really make me smile, garcott! Thanks for visiting! :D

  9. You are right, it is inspiring. All those beautiful colours always get me going. Brings back memories of my textile past.

  10. oh look at all those beautiful colours! Seeing what nature can provide is a whole lot more exciting (and surprising) to getting something out of a bottle. Gorgeous!

  11. Looks awesome - wish I could have made it. Will be there next tuesday though.

  12. Your textile past Deb? How intriguing... do share sometime. :)

    Absolutely, Brydie. Love a bit of natural colour, now if only we could grow henna, indigo, madder and a few other selected plants in our area..then, then I'd be a happy woman indeed! :)

    Missed you last week Liz. Hope to catch up this week though - I'm sure others will have their fibrey goodness there to show you. ;)

  13. I missed this post somehow! We had a very similar day three or four weeks ago. Went to a lady's place for dying and friendship. I'm waiting on someone to email me photos so I can post about it. It looks like you had a great day. I only heard about dyeing with gumleaves this week. Can't wait to get to the dyeing stage!

  14. Oops, we went there to dye, not die!


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