Weekend splits...

Hubby has bought himself a new wood splitter. It is a fan-dangled thing that is super strong (10hp) and can be towed around the property, splitting fallen wood on the spot. Yesterday, during such a splitting session he came across these grubs in the middle of some big logs (from a tree that fell on the driveway last year).

I should've stuck my hand in there for a scale reference, they are really HUGE! Bigger than my thumb!!
And quite a meaty treat for the chooks, it suddenly occurred to me.

After making our way eagerly to the chook pen and tossing them in, we waited in wonder to see what would happen next...

All it took was one girl to mosey on over and sniff out the goods, selecting her prize grub....

..and within 30 seconds the rest of them had caught sight of the unexpected feast.

It was indeed a grub-fest of the most speedy proportions (hence the outrageously blurry pic).
It's nice to know that these enormous grubs will be returned to us in the form of gorgeous, golden yolked eggs.

On another splitting matter, one of my pumpkins decided to do just that this week:

 Bugger! What to do with it?

The split reached right inside the cavity within. I decided to cook it up that night and even if a little on the immature side, it made a satisfying pumpkin soup.

And just because - this is the road I travel on twice a day which I just had to share in all of it's Autumnal glory.

It really takes my breath away this time of year!


  1. I've never seen a pumpkin do that! Glad you still got to eat it. There are some beautiful seasonal changes going on, isn't there!

  2. That picture of the road is just stunning.

  3. Christine what a stunning, stunning road you have to travel on. Autumn is gorgeous, I love all the colour changes.
    Your grub picture made all the hairs stand up on end. Yuck!!! Love the chooks enthusiasm for them though. Go get em' girls!
    (ps. That nick name is fine ;-)

  4. Oh I love the blurry pic of the girls running to the feast! Perfect capture of what you were describing! Your road is just lovely. I'm really enjoying the yellows and reds here right now too.

  5. I love that action shot. It made me laugh out loud. Ha!

  6. Come & Get it! Great action shot. What kind of pumpkin is that?

  7. Ewww, grubs - but an admirable use of grubs nonetheless :)

  8. 'Meaty' is exactly the word I thought of too when my chooks discovered just one grub under a stump I moved.

  9. Holy cow! Look at the size of those grubs! Your girls would have had a field day! I hate to think what they were going to grow into! ;-)

  10. What kind of creature develops from that larvae??
    My guess: flying monkeys!

  11. Holy moly, those are huge!! I bet the chooks loved them, too.

  12. Me either, dixie! It needed a bit of scooping out to get back to clean flesh, but all was well.

    Thanks, Rose, it really is a pleasure to drive along it daily.

    Lol, thanks, Brydie(yds)! Thought the grubs might make you squirm ;)

    So glad to hear you have some Autumn colour happening up your way too, Tammy :)

    Teehee, Bruise Mouse, aren't they just the funniest creatures? The chooks, that is..

    Hi David, it's a Queensland Blue pumpkin which came up from some seeds in the compost- don't you love it when nature provides unexpected gifts? Very tasty when fully ripe and they store for aages too!

    Why thankyou, Caitlyn :)

    That's funny, Frogdancer. They certainly are carnivorous at times!

    No idea, Celia! I noticed Violet, the little araucana didn't get any...she probably wouldn't be able to get them past her beak anyway..

    Ummm....enormous moths? I have no idea, quinn, your suggestion sounds spot on to me though!

    They were delighted with the offerings, floweringmama :)

  13. just found your blog - Awesome!!! just got back from a new zealand visit where those huge grubs-called huhu grubs-are a buttery delicacy! people actually eat them!!! and they pupate into a beetle. maybe we'll find a recipe one day on your site incorporating the huhu grubs - LOL!!!!

  14. wow, they're massive, wonder what they are? If you send a pic to the museum they will tell you if they can.


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