The Ring of Fire (and it burns, burns burns, that ring of fire, ring of fire...)

Hubby's new wood splitter




Happy Sunday.


  1. Wow what a huge bonfire! Don't you love Autumn leaves...the colours are so beautiful. What was your artist painting? :)

  2. I have splitter envy! Autumn is perhaps my favorite season (behind spring of course).

  3. Lovely Sunday! I thought at first you were burning an old tyre! ;-)

  4. and where are you mama?
    Lovely, lovely Sunday...

  5. Winter Solstice...that is a good idea. Next school holidays, my grandsons will be staying and two of my sisters have grandchildren of a similar age. We are going to have a house party for a couple of days and the bonfire will be part of that. But then my son and family are coming out from the US in June, so maybe I can combine the two. That would be fun!

  6. I thought I left a comment here already... anyways, I can feel the heat off that burning wood, and I love that song!! Nice Sunday...

  7. Loving Autumn colours at the moment, Mrs Bok! She was drawing 'people'..always 'people'! :)

    He's very happy with the splitter, David - it makes such light work of all the fallen wood on our property and being able to tow it around to each spot is hugely convenient! Autumn would be my favourite season..

    *gasps* Celia, how could you even think such a thing??

    Ahh, you know how it is Brydie, someone's gotta hold the hold the camera to capture the 'moments'..

    Sounds fabulous, Hazel. I love celebrations around bonfires! Enjoy your visiting broods.. :)

    Yep, the 9yo kept trying to get in closer but it was just SO hot, dixie. Very nice Sunday.


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