How lucky I was to have the opportunity to have a wander through the historic gardens of Bolobek today, stopping to take pictures as I strolled...


Japanese Windflower  (Anenome), double variety

Exiting chook


Japanese Windflowers (Anenome), white single

Autumnal hydrangeas


Historic sundial

Dwarf cyclamen
Bolobek Garden, Macedon, Victoria


  1. Lovely! Great shots. Where is that chicken off to, I wonder?!

  2. Isn't it a wonderful garden! I hope it recovered from the Open Garden Scheme Plant Fair! I went when it was open a month or so ago and really enjoyed walking through the beautiful different garden areas... A very peaceful garden.

  3. What a peaceful looking place. I love the photo of the chook casually popping through the gates.

  4. So pretty! Did you resist the urge to scoop the quinces into a bag and run away? ;-)

  5. Oh how gorgeous! I love the carpet of cyclamen!

  6. Yes, you were quite lucky!! What a serene place.
    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Ooh, I could just imagine the sounds and smells as you were meandering through. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Lol! NO idea, dixie.

    It was looking very presentable, Phoebe. Lucky you - I missed going to the plant fair this year.

    A very casual chook, Brydie. It's great to be in the right place at the right time :)

    It was tempting, Celia...very tempting! They were so gorgeously golden and ripe, ahh!

    That drew me in, too, Tammy! Must plant some at home to enjoy :)

    Yup, quinn.

    Thanks, Debbie and floweringmama :)


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