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Rest assured eager spinners and knitters, my new/old spinning wheel has not been gathering dust in the last week, nor has it seen a single article of clothing draped over it to dry or to await it's owner's collection! It has created a slight breeze as it turns, so my daughter tells me, as she has taken to sitting right beneath it!

Maybe it did in fact collect a little dust, but more on that later...

It cranked out my first skein of yarn which I'm just beetroot red with embarrassment with, after doing some picture browsing on the internet of drool worthy skeins! But heck, I'll post my humble yarn for everyone to see. It is loose, wriggly and wrinkly, thick in parts and skinny in others. But it's a skein, right?! A real, live (maybe not so live), skein, produced in my own home.

The first skein
I desperately wanted to knit with it, but it just looked dreadful once it hit the knitting needles. I perservered. Three nights later, my knitting looked like a dogs breakfast (I was attempting a ridiculously confusing pattern for a child's teddy in stocking stitch, of course the pattern was full of errors, not my knitting!). Devastated that my skein was not giving me the joy I had anticipated, I re-thought my plans as I unravelled those teddy pieces. What would become of my first skein? I had to do something with it..just to complete a full circle - from fleece to finished object.

I have settled on something utilitarian instead, using 2 strands crocheted together to camouflage all of my beginner quirks, it will hopefully be a bag. A very useful bag, I hope. And strong - two strands strong!

First project with homespun - a bag!
A bag of alpaca fleece also had a good rummage through, aptly named "Dusty" after the animal that provided the fleece. Apt I thought as Dusty really was very dusty. So much so that plumes of 'smoke' would be emitted as my foot treadled on that peddle and fed Dusty into the internals of the wheel. I was in heaven, it was spinning up beautifully in my beginner fingertips! Alas, my joy with Dusty was shortlived. Bringing out the wheel for a spot of evening spinning, I was met with cries of protest as the plumes of 'dust smoke' once again made an appearance.

"But it's just dust!" I wailed. "How much ash does the fire throw out over winter?" was my argument in defence of Dusty. The protests went on, and as much as it pains me to admit it, but there was in fact quite a bit of dust around the place. Gritty, grass-seedy dust. On the couch, the floor and me. And let's hasten to add...headed for the children...and their youthful ,unblemished lungs. Resigned to the fact that no spinning of Dusty was going to take place in this current condition, I have placed him quietly back in the bag to rethink his emergence into The Lounge Room. This is how far I got with this one:

See? Beautiful! What colour. Feel my joy. And my pain.
This contraption below has me fascinated. It's called a Niddy Noddy. Funny, huh?! It's for wrapping plied yarn around to form a skein. Through my browsings of online classifieds, I came across one that was listed as a Nibby Nobby, this as you can imagine, caused me hours of happy chuckling.

The person who sold me the spinning wheel was kind enough to include it in the sale, and it brings a smile to my face to see that, being a man, he thought it needed a 'power grip' handle in striking blue 'sport foam'. A nice touch. It's actually very comfy!!

Niddy Noddy
The fibers for this yarn were gifted to me by a generous soul at the local spinning group. I have no doubt that she took pity on the new beginner in town and felt obliged to pass something along.

The same generous soul also passed along some more fibers for me to play with:

Is it a "batt?" I am a little confused by all of the new terms, she did tell me it was Merino though, and it is wonderfully soft with lovely variegated colours througout.

I have been spinning it like this:

I have no idea what it will be yet!


  1. I think your skein looked amazing! I would love to be a spinner, it looks very tricky! That merino looks lovely!

  2. Fantastic! I esp. love that last lot... gorgeous! The bag is great too... YOU are so clever...

  3. Get an onion bag or string bag and put handfuls of Dusty the alpaca's fleece in it and peg it to the clothes line on a windy day. It will help to get rid of the dust and make it much more usable. Don't pack the bag tight you want the wind to be able to get inside the fleece. It won't get rid of many of the weed seeds but it does stop a lot of that dust. Ohh and I have that complaint about spinning with dusty fleece too...vbg. Lovely spinning by the way. Wish mine was as good when I started. Thank you for your comment on my "This is on my mind" post.

  4. ThankYOU, Calidore! I will be trying this next time, for sure!! A great suggestion :)


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