The Man Vest at last completed! After my worries that it wouldn't fit, it ended up fitting just fine. I don't think I would want it any tighter though.. perhaps a smidge longer, but there's not much I can do about that now :)

And the back, complete with humid weather bad hair day:

While I was stitching it up, I noticed one side kept needing to be pulled to fit the other..and it turned out that I had done one extra round of striping on the front! Argh! The pattern never said to count the stripes, just to knit until a certain length was reached. Wisened up to this whole striped knitting fiasco, next time I'll be a little bit more clueyer and count those pesky stripes!


  1. Christine, it looks very nice indeed! Have you ever knitted anything in the round? Back when I knitted, I always wanted to make one of those traditional Arans which were knitted all in one piece - like the Scarbrough Fair line, "without any seam or needlework".. :)

  2. It looks lovely! Congrats on a great job! Someday I really must knit something bigger than a sock ;)

    (p.s. If you really would like more length, you can always pick up stitches at the cast-on edge and knit "down" more of the ribbing. The stitches will be oriented differently, but who would notice? Or if anyone did, they would just have to admire your "design element"!)

  3. Very nice and will keep you very warm in the cooler weather.

  4. Good on you! Yes sometimes you just learn as you go - it will keep you nice & warm.

  5. Great work... and what's wrong with that hair??

    I'd like to see a longer version, perhaps a tunic next time??

  6. Christine your man vest looks great. You are spinning wool and knitting clothing, now that when you sit back and think about pretty darn cool!

  7. Now there I was thinking you were knitting a vest for a man... so is a man vest like boyfriend jeans? I am so out of touch with fashion vernacular. Anyway it looks delightful and it fits a treat!

  8. Hmmm, knitting in the round took me some time to figure out, Celia, although I did manage a pair of socks last year. A jumper in the round is a whole other story though! :)

    Hey, thanks, quinn! I would never have known that if you hadn't told me how to do it. It's so great when knitters connect and share tips, thankyou! :)

    It is pretty cosy, Debbie, it got whipped off the other day in a sudden hot burst in the afternoon :)

    Yep, learn as you go, that's exactly right, Cottage Tails and that just happens to be me. The best way to learn, I think.

    A tunic, dixie??! Lol! You might be waiting a while to see that! :)

    Or warm, as the case may be, Brydie. Very warm. It's the nature of the wool, so I've been told ;)

    Why thankyou, Faeryay - you are indeed very kind.

    Hmm, boyfriend jeans? No idea what they are, Jo! It just reminds me of one of those typical vests out their that men like to wear, hence the name. Boyfriend jeans! I really haven't heard that before!! :)


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