Camping moments..

Yay, it worked! My last post that is. It was my first attempt at pre-scheduling one and I'm so pleased to see it actually worked. I haven't been ignoring your comments..I promise!

We took the opportunity of the Labour Day long weekend to head off on a little camping getaway. This is our second trip in as many months and this time it seemed a little easier as many things were already organised and in boxes from our previous trip to the beach.

I must confess, our camping at the moment is definitely not in the Roughing It category. We enjoy hot showers, running water and even power! -  But it's still lacking enough luxuries from home to be classified as 'camping' in my book! For now, anyway.

We chose not to travel too far..just over an hour from home, to a historic goldfields town in central Victoria. The park we stayed at adjoined three lakes.

...although swimming wasn't allowed because of the recent flood damage. The small people had to satisfy themselves with the pool in the park which seemed to hit the spot for them...

A short walk into town revealed an enticing chocolatier cafe. Of course we had to stop to sample some of their treats!

There was good coffee to be had too - camping doesn't always mean going without ;)

Hubby relaxed by the lake with a line and hook, the girls by his side.

I siezed the opportunity and stole some moments to relax with my latest crochet project - a twisty-turny scarf, or at least that's what I hope it will be.

Below is our current camp set up. A 3 room pop up tent and a gazebo to keep the rain off us while we sit or cook outside. That's hubby in there now cooking breaky for us all. We were lucky with the weather, it was warm for most of the weekend, with only a little rain on Sunday. We kept dry. And warm.

Another walk into town led us to the local museum which had an interesting array of artefacts from the goldrush days.  

And always one to scout out new campsites, a short drive led us into the regional park to a serene spot by a small creek. 

Now this looks like heaven! Maybe someday we will in fact Rough It.

Slatey Creek Campground 1 - Creswick Regional Park


  1. Sounds delightful, I love camping...

    We are heading to Victoria in the school holidays to do some camping in our camper trailer.

    Have a great day,


  2. Comfy camping! I say any camping is good camping...and being within walking distance of coffee swirled into a leaf pattern, well it could be worse ;-)

  3. Wonderful! I am glad you had a great break...

  4. Ok, so you know how I feel about camping, but I must admit that this post almost seduced me too! It does look like a wonderfully relaxing time was had by all! Glad you had a good break! :)

  5. I used to love camping as a kid and always want to try it again, but it seems like a lot of prep work!

  6. Stayed at the Lake Fines caravan park (in the Victorian Grampians) when my children were younger and had a dreamy wonderful time. Ha we stayed in a cabin! Loved camping as a kid but agree with Susan re prep work.

  7. Oooh, I was eyeing off some camper trailers while we were there, Tania! I told hubby that those folk always look like such serious campers! Have fun. :)

    Much worse, Brydie. And it seems to get a little comfier each time :)

    It was nice and relaxing, dixiebelle :)

    Ha, I was wondering what would go through your non-camping head, Celia! It was a pleasant getaway.

    It does seem like a lot of preparation, Susan, but it helps to be organised. I have made a second set of mostly everything we need and just have them stored in boxes ready to go. It helps enormously!

    Sounds lovely, MeridithJean, I haven't been there. Would like to very much one day though :)
    ..and thankyou!

  8. We love camping but never manage to find enough free weekends to do it!


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