Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bread bags and more vintage sewing goodness...

I'm still here, just crazy busy around the garden at the moment! Sometimes it's a little frustrating not having  lot of time to post but it all balances out in the end, right? The pendulum is swinging towards the busy side but is sure to make it's way back again sometime soon.

In between tackling jobs in the garden (SO much to do! The grass in the chook run was thigh high!!), I've been making up some bread bags. Besides wanting  few more for home, I've decided to sew some up for gifts.

They really are so handy to have around, I use ours all the time and am lost when they are in the wash! I have taken to lining the insides with calico to add an  extra layer of thickness to keep as much air as possible out.

They're also simple to make which is just as well because with the amount of jobs I need to do outside, I couldn't concentrate for very long on a more elaborate project!

And after a disastrous visit to the tip shop last week that resulted in much car trouble for a whole afternoon (!) I was excited to find some pre-loved sewing patterns. At the TIP!! Who would've thought? I'm planning on making the A-line skirt pictured bottom right and have already picked up some fabric for it. It was nearly skirt weather today...nearly!

And after the retrieving of my old bed cover a couple of weeks ago, I was very excited when I spotted this:

Not that I could imagine using it anytime soon (anytime?), but what a coincedence! It couldn't just be left there to be tossed out now, could it?


  1. Chris, I love your breadbags! Do you store all your bread in them? And how do you print the word "Bread" on the labels? Great stuff!

  2. I love coincidences...synchronicity rules.

  3. Thanks, Celia - I use them to put our homeade bread in and store them when full in the bread bin on the bench (also great for stuffing bread into when going on picnics).

    The labels are made on an ancient Bernina embroidery machine that I bought several years ago that I've only recently heaved back out again. :)

    Absolutely, Hazel! :)

    Yeah, who would've thought, Christie!! :)

  4. love your bread bags, I have been meaning to make up a couple out of surplus teatowels, maybe that's a job for tomorrow.

  5. I love the bread bags. I've been meaning to make some too recently but just been trying to work out how I'm going to do it. I'm no good at using a sewing machine. Do you think it'd be possible to sew them by hand?

  6. Christine, your bread bags look great!
    Hope you have recovered from your "challenging- and it will sound funny down the track" tip afternoon.
    The holly hobbie fashions are very don't think your girls would go for that look?

  7. The bread bags are great as are the old patterns

  8. When I read the last line of your post it reminded me of something my aunt just said about old craft books. Even though she will probably never use the amount that she has, she will still 'rescue' them. Because, how can they just be left to end up in landfill? Lol.

    Who would have thought that paper would be the next endangered species. Very scary.

    Hope you have a lovely week!
    Cheers, Deb

  9. They're so handy to have around, Sue. Hope you manage to whip out a few :)

    Absolutely, Sarah Elizabeth! They are just a couple of straight seams so shouldn't take that long at all by hand. :)

    Ahh, thanks Brydie ;). And nooo, somehow I don't think my girls are headed down the Holly Hobbie fashion path! The only way I can see this one being used is if there was a 'pioneer' type dress up day in which case I would jump at the chance to make and outfit - it reminds me of something the little Ingles girl would've worn in Little House on the Prairie! :)

    Both very useful items, Debbie :)

    I can totally see where your aunt is coming from, Deb. It's unthinkable to leave some things left for rubbish...they are more deserving than that! :)

  10. I have had bread bags on my sewing list for EVER! I am excited to see them come to life (naturally, I thought I invented them myself, haha), and now am even more inspired to get going on them! The labels are a gret idea, I will have to borrow my mum's flash sewing machine and make some!

  11. Oh wow, Christine - those Holly Hobbie dresses bring back so many childhood memories! I still have my treasured Holly Hobbie doll, who just happens to be wearing the same outfit as that pictured on the the left!

  12. Haha, that's funny Amy! I love your honesty about being the one to think of them! (Nice that you thought of them though - I saw some being made over at Down to Earth forum and took it from there..). And a mum with a flash sewing machine - what could be better?! :)

    Ahh, Kate, I never pictured you for the HH type!! I would love to see her sometime :)

  13. Wow, what a fantastic flashback! My sis and I each had a Holly Hobbie long dress complete with long apron and bonnet. We must have been around 4 - 6 years old and we wore them for Easter one year. I am pretty sure my Grandma made them for us. Thanks for the great trip down memory lane :)

  14. Do these breadbags keep the bread fresh? and can you put the bread in them and in the freezer? Dont they need to be lined with plastic?

    1. Hi Belinda, the bread bags are fine for keeping the bread fresh on the bench for a couple of days. Anything longer or if placing the bread in the freezer then they would go well lined with plastic..which could be repurposed plastic bread bags..or the like. :)


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