Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What can I say...?

It's the middle of winter and it's still raining. Lately, each day, I wonder if there's going to be snow. It hasn't snowed  so far this  year in our area, hopefully soon. The rain is sleety and drives in on the strong winds. There's nothing much going on outside in the gardening arena, so here are a few pics of what's been filling my days, besides trying to keep warm inside by the fire of course....

The ducks are always happy whatever the weather... they dabble in puddles and search for slugs in the wet garden, and swim in the dam in the pouring rain and howling winds! The black swamp hen is the bane of my gardening existence - over winter it, along with it's groupies, reduces my succulent pea seedlings to stubble and devours every new seedling that appears, either voluntarily or planted by me. Of course, I always forget to net the garden until it's too late.....

A little bit of sewing...

...with patterns from another era. So much fun!

A little practice on The Ancient One.....

Plenty of homegrown calendula flowers drying, for use in  homemade soap later in the year....

..and my companion on the couch has the right idea on how to pass the time. She knows where the warm spots are!


  1. I'm laughing at your simplicity dress pattern 'from another era' as this was the pattern of my high school uniform (sewn for me of course by my talented mum) - oh boy - now THAT was another era alright!

    enjoy the rain (when you're done with it, we could do with a bit)

    cheers from sams creek


  2. I love the pattern you picked up. Great work on the dress.

    I'm a little over the Winter. Bring on Spring please!!

  3. That is a lot of rain you have been having. Do you get eggs from the ducks?
    Being sick (again) I'm with your furry friend. A curl up in a warm spot would be lovely, maybe pop that pretty blanket of yours on my lap :-)

  4. I can't wait for spring I really don't like winter:0)

  5. From troubles of the world I turn to ducks... Do you know that poem? By FW Harvey. My Dad sent it to me once, when I was in the midst of a life crisis and wanted to go and farm ducks somewhere.... I love ducks. Spring will be along soon, do you get snow ever? Once upon a time I spent a whole year drawing maps of Australia and filling them in with different stuff and weather graphs. Geography teacher was from Australia, can I remember any of it now? No. First lines of a few poems though? Just a few....

  6. Oh, now that IS funny, Ronnie! Why didn't I pick up on the way they are all holding books in the picture? Lol! Come to think of it, the dress is remarkably similar to my high school uniform too...
    Sending some rain your way! :)

    Thanks, Sonia, I was hoping it would be a 'gardening' dress, as I always get so hot in the garden over summer in jeans/shorts...
    I'm with you, this winter is dragging on.

    Oh, the ducks, Brydie! In that picture are two males and one female - she lays her eggs on the go, so if I'm lucky enough to spot where they have 'dropped' I grab them, more often than not they roll into the dam...seriously! I've seen quite a cluster underwater on the bank - such a waste *sigh*. Hope you are feeling better soon..lots of lemon and honey drinks :) Take care

    Winter feels like it's lasting forever this year, Debbie. I do enjoy it, the fire, the cosying up, but right now, I would agree with you - Spring can't come soon enough!

    I haven't heard that one, Jo, but I do like the line. They are relaxing to watch, all of their funny behavioral quirks. The drakes have a soft quack while the duck has a honk on her that can be heard across the paddock! We usually get snow at least a couple of times a year, and most times it's August, so any time soon I'm thinking! And first lines of poems are much nicer to remember than boring old weather graphs! :)

  7. Re "dairy in the kitchen" - I remember junket used to be made from rennet tablets, and you half the time the junket turned into curds and whey (mostly more whey than curds!) But probably you can't buy rennet any more.

  8. Oops! typo there! line two should not have the word "you" !! Sorry!

  9. I feel your pain with all the rain. I cannot wait for Spring.

    I love the old patterns. I have a big box of patterns (even though no sewing machine!!) passed down to me and I love going through them and imagining them in modern fabrics.

  10. Mum, I've checked the health food shop for rennet tablets but they don't stock them...I think the only way I could get my hands on some would be to mail order. Frustrating! I was always curious what 'junket' was, just googled it - interesting!!

    That's it, LJ! Imagining what they'll look like in this fabric or that! We're on the same page ;)

  11. Those calendula flowers look gorgeous. It will be lovely soaping up in the mornng with home made soap that is filled with home grown flowers....a good start to the day!

  12. It will ease up soon, I'm sure. In Sydney, we're finally getting sunny feels like spring is just around the corner. Your ducks certainly look very jolly! :)

  13. That's the plan, spiceandmore :)

    It's been a long winter, C. How lucky you are to be having some sunny days! I took myself outside the other day and just stood in the breaks of sunshine, watching the chooks, to absorb some vit.D!


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