Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rainy, rainy days....

We have a river running through our property. A gushing, fast flowing river. 88mls of rain falling in two days tends to cause this.

We love the rain, although most of it bypasses our property (and therefore dam), and flows into the next door neighbour's dam. Lucky ducks. Really! Their dam is full of them.

Note white goat top right corner
Our ducks are pretty happy too, though. They dabble in puddles to their hearts content. The 'river' isn't much fun for wading through on my way to and from the woodpile with the wonky wheelbarrow. Today I pulled out the's a rare day I wear gumboots but today they were definitely needed.

On the up side, the weather is conducive to attending to creative outlets. Specifically, feeding my newest adddiction; vintage dress patterns. I love them! I come across them in opp/thrift shops for as little as 30cents each and have quite a stack forming.  Perhaps I'll sew with them, perhaps not. It's just fun collecting them, holding them and soaking up their visual goodness.

Vintage loveliness
Also on the creative outlet front, the hex blanky is taking shape.

 Slowly, slowly....

I hope you're keeping warm and dry wherever you may be.


  1. I think there might be more wet stuff heading your way. It has been cold and wet in South Australia all week. Hopefully Spring is not far away.

    The rain does give opportunity to do things that normally wouldn't happen if the weather was fine.

    Those patterns are a good find and the blanket is looking great.

    Take care,


  2. You can always love rain even if there is water running through your property:0)
    The blanket id coming along great and I do love the colours

  3. That blanket looks gorgeous! As do those wonderful patterns. I don't know how much rain we've had here this year, but I know it will be more than 2 metres - so your photo looks very familiar.

  4. Christine your blanket looks lovely, I could curl up with that right now.

  5. I loved the colours in your hexagons when I first saw them and they are looking even lovlier all joined up! Yum...

  6. Hi Tania, thankfully we didn't recieve some of the wild winds that others nearby received. Fingers crossed for an appearance of Spring feels like it's been such a long, drawn out Winter!! :)

    Yes, Debbie, just the sound of the rain falling on the roof is enough to make anyone happy.

    2 meters Sonya???!! Good grief! I would be surrounded by tanks harvesting as much water as we could if we got that much rainfall!! Unbelievable. Imagine the garden that one could have with that much rain! (I just added our rainfall up - approx 650ml since I started recording in April. :)

    Aww, thanks, Brydie. I can't wait for it to be finished - I'm a big blanky on the couch type of girl.. :)

    Thanks, Julie! I was worried about the colours not working, but it's really growing on me. The girls cart the 'scrap' of a blanky around trying to squeeze their whole body under all .3 of a meter of it! :)

  7. Christine, your crochet is coming on so well.

    We have not had anywhere enough rain here this winter. In fact to day is a blazing hot day and its meant to be winter!

    So send some rain our way please?!?

  8. Of course Wendy. Rain vibes coming your way, as of now. ;) Hope you get some soon for your lovely garden.

  9. Lovely collection of vintage patterns you have going there. None of them would fit me, though. Crochet blanket looks wonderfully warm..

  10. Thanks Celia, it's a challenge finding sizes to suit - some are way out, I have to admit!!

  11. I'm SO attracted to your hex colours! They look like upturned freshly picked mushrooms. I can almost smell them, so lovely, little forest friends.


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