Sunday, August 29, 2010

Handsome, Handsome Mr Green

Oh yes, you read right. There is another male in my life. His name is Mr Green and he is very handsome. I am absolutely smitten with him. He is sharing and kind, handsome (did I mention that?), and he can also be quite vocal!

Meet ...............




             MR GREEN!

Handsome Mr Green
Mr Green is the son of a Pekin rooster and an Isa Brown or Australorp hen (not 100% sure). Hatched on Mother's Day this year, he was given to us by one of the lovely ladies from my Friday veggie group to help bring some order to our sometime 'pecky' flock. Still an adolescent, he has been amusing us with his antics as he settles in and becomes a little, ahh, more closely acquainted with his lady friends (of which he attempts with much enthusiasm!).........

Mr Green loves a good forage...

....and is always willing to share. He makes a special noise to call his girls over to share his tasty delights!

....although he always remembers to take enough for himself. Here he is going in for one such tasty morsel...

...he also likes to sunbathe, relishing the rare winter sun........

Mr Green, not being fully grown, is still finding his 'crow'. He bows his head in an unusual fashion and then takes a deep breath and lets out a shriek/wail. It is a particularly unusual sound, one I mistook the other day for a hen being attacked by dogs. What a relief it was to find that it was just him!  I'm sure he'll find his voice soon enough......

What a gentleman!
Most of all Mr Green is just happy hanging out, watching over his girls. And if you hadn't already noticed, we (I) just LOVE calling him Mr Green! (name chosen by the 6 year old, because of the green tinge in his tail feathers that catch the sunlight,).


  1. What a stud, ha ha!

    Seriously, that is one good looking bird.

  2. Mr Green what a handsome fella you are indeed. I can almost hear that contented "bok bok bok" from him and his girls. It will be no time before he sorts his crow out and happily crowing at 4am for you. I would have that over a drunken backpacker on the street coming home at 4am any day!

  3. Oh, he's lovely! Over the past while, since getting our own rooster, I've become a real rooster fan. And he's a good one!

    Very handsome, absolutely!

  4. I've had a few bantam buff pekin roosters ('buffy-the-vampire-slayer' & 'benny-henny-man' have been the most memorable) - and from the front mr green looks a bit pekin-ish (but that tail.... goodness!)

    my buffy and benny never really grew into a fully fledged crow...... I would hear a strangled funny little arrrrwk- a arwwwwwk- a arrrggghhhhh yep bantam crow for bantam boys.....maybe those green tail feathers will give your boy a more manly sound!

  5. Hey Christine, Mr. Green is rather a handsome young chap, he'll very soon have something to crow about! When we got our rooster I used to leave the bedroom window wide open just so I could hear him crowing in the wee small hours of the morning...........
    When you live in the country you have to have a rooster.
    Just wondering where abouts in Vic you are, I'm in the North East of the State, hope you've been sharing in some of the lovely rain recently.

  6. Oh, I let out a squeal of pure delight when I logged onto your blog and saw Mr Green! :) How handsome is he!! We can't have a rooster in suburbia, but your wee man is very fetching indeed. Just look at those wonderful tail feathers! I don't know what a Pekin looks like, but he certainly looks a lot like our ISA browns...

    Thanks for posting these gorgeous photos, Chris - nice to see you ladies as well...

  7. Thanks ladies, we are very proud of our new addition!

    Brydie, SO much more in favour of waking to the sound of a rooster than drunken backpackers - or in our case, the shrieking of cockatoos pre-dawn. A rooster will be music to my ears!

    Thanks, daharja, I was always a bit apprehensive about getting a rooster, assuming that they would automatically be nasty and attack me, but he really is a very calm bird.

    Oh, Ronnie, so maybe he won't find his crow? Oh, dear. His dad was a bantam pekin, and crows beautifully, so fingers crossed! Love your names for your men!! :)

    Sweet Birdy Love, I am beside myself waiting for him to crow!! The neighbour's rooster across the way has the most lovely sound and I heard it today inside the house and got all excited thinking it was Mr Green, but no, just the neighbour's bird! We are in the central district and have been enjoying MUCH rain! :)

    Ahh, Celia, I'm pleased you're excited as I am! The Pekin that is his father is a very similar colouring (ligthish brown), although he also has the most magnificent feathered feet! I was watching Mr Green in the sun today and his tail feathers have the same sheen as our Australorp's who knows what he is exactly!? So long as he stays friendly around me I'm happy! :)

  8. What a gorgeous rooster ! If I ever move to the countryside I will have chooks...

  9. A might fine looking fellow indeed. We had a rooster once (we used to get our chooks from the kids daycare after they watched the eggs hatch so it was always a bit of a mystery what we would end up with). Georgie grew into George. He was struggling to find his proper cockadoodles and took to starting at 3am everyday. My immediate neighbours thought it was ok but a crazed couple from two blocks away took to cruising the streets at 3am to try and track him down. They eventually tracked him to our property, put in a complaint to our local Council rangers and then poor old Georgie had to go. We told our then 3 year old that the government took him away and she became a passionate objector to the then prime minister: "John Howard took my chicken", which ofcourse we encouraged no end!

  10. Thanks, Wendy!

    They really are so much fun, Joanna. We have been watching 'Life' on Sunday nights with David Attenborough, and I often sit outside and watch the chooks in the same manner, I can almost hear the voice over in the background! Rivetting stuff! :)

    That is a FANTASTIC story, Spice! If it were mine, I would be telling it at every opportune moment! :)

  11. It is a good story...particularly when it comes out of the mouth of a chubby, gorgeous little three year old! A friend of mine worked with Howard's brother and promised to tell him the story. She thought he would appreciate it. I wonder if the story eventually got told to the man himself...wouldn't that be funny?!! :)


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