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  1. I've just stumbled across your blog & absolutely love it! Can't wait to read more as time & children permit. Am in awe of your home dyed wool.

  2. hi Christine

    thanks for your lovely blog and ideas for all sorts of things... the picture of your fireplace on this cold and snappy night just made me feel a bit warmer, as I trek off to bed. Good to find a great Australian blog, with beautiful craft and food ideas now . Definitely knitting and craft making weather right now! Have you used handspun wool to make a [womans] hat recently? Our local markets have sparked my interest in knitting, and I"ve bought a bit of merino/alpaca wool, so I thought i'd see what was around.

    stay warm where you are!

  3. Hi, pictures of inside your greenhouse look great. I am currently shopping for one and would love some feedback. What brand is it and are you happy with it? I've been using a plastic one for a long time and thinking of going to the polycarbonate as the plastic needs replacing which costs about as much as a new poly unit. Cheers, Maree.

  4. Hi Christine and Family,

    hope all is well.

    wishing you a happy christmas.


  5. Hello Christine
    I have just done some study on wheat......
    Wheat Belly by William Davis MD is the most amazing book I have read in years. If you are having any belly or bowel problems - this book is definitely worth a read.
    The thought of removing all wheat from our diet (I am a bakers daughter) was incomprehensible - after reading this book and realising how sick it has been making us all - the decision was easy.......
    Take care and best wishes to your family

    Narelle x x

  6. Hi I just read you recipe for comfrey ointment, not to sound crazy but what is comfrey? I would love to make this but I don't know this herb

  7. Just found you via The Beetle Shack- love what I've been reading :)

  8. Hi, Terrific ideas. Re the vinegar or lack thereof: lemon or lime juice is a great salad dressing and can be substituted for vinegar in other recipes is necessary.


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