Seaside and beach huts (summer snaps part 2)

A couple of days by the sea to celebrate the eldest daughter turning 15. With the specific goal of visiting these hot springs. Unbelievably good! To soak away life's worries in the soothing hot mineral waters from deep below the ground. Yes, I must do more of this. A magical place to visit and to stay along the foreshore with views of cheerful beach huts at every turn was just lovely.


  1. What beautiful photos! You and your daughter must have had such a lovely time. And those ice creams look yummy!!

  2. Amazing photos Christine, I love beach photos.

  3. Wonderful photos Christine! I can feel another painting coming on!!! Oooooh dear!

    1. Thanks, Carin, and all I can say is go for it! Again!! :)


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