Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spring snippets

Gosh, since deciding to revisit my blog, I had no idea how challenging it would be to figure out where to start. There is so much to report! Spring has really made me feel like the weight of winter has passed (duh!), but really, embracing my inner cliched'ness, it felt like a particularly dark, cold and long winter.
Spring just brought about so much goodness and things that made me happy, so I guess I'll start there and post about those things that made my happiness abound..

#1. First up, and an obvious one, blossom appeared!
Loads and load and loads of it was available to be seen this year and the fruit trees have put on a magnificent display. As I type, I am actually thinking that I almost wont mind if the fruit set is not up to scratch as the blossom displays were so generous. *Note: 'almost'. Fruit would still be nice..very, very nice!

#2. The local show was on once again. I managed to scrounge a few things from the garden and the kitchen and throw together a basket of produce which, would you believe took out first place and a rosette! It was my first time ever at receiving a rosette, (and first time at even being game enough to enter the long admired 'basket of produce' category), so I was immensely chuffed.
The 'collection of produce' in all it's wilted glory (this photo was taken the day after judging, phew!). Collection includes: eggs, potatoes, rhubarb, spring onions, perennial leeks, garlic, lemon, chillies, calendula tea, dried beans,  dried lemon verbena (for tea), bread and butter cucumbers, sage, parsley, borage, oregano, lavender and rosemary. 
It was indeed a true scrounge as I found it was a particularly empty time in the garden for us here at that time (still?!). But I took away a lesson well learned as once I started looking, the more produce or dried goods I found. It just goes to show that often we have more put away or growing than we think! For a prettier picture before judging, scroll through my instagram account. Some crabapple jelly that I made also recieved a first but that doesn't count because it was the only entrant and I was also pleased to have it confirmed that I also grow prize winning weeds - a step up from last year, if I may say!

#3. The family and I had a wonderful week away down at 'the prom' (aka Wilson's Promontory). Several other families we are friendly with also go and it is so lovely to have this time away from commitments to just chill out and talk, spend time as a family and also meet each night with our friends for shared dinners. We hired a basic beach hut and enjoyed beachy frolics, wildlife sightings, rock scrambling, day and night walks through all manner of terrain - bush, beach, rainforest, wildflower meadows, rugged coastline and between each others huts! Truly a magnificent place to holiday, the scenery is something that can only be fully appreciated in person.
Magic! (and driftwood hunting)
Just a portion of our group..those that managed to get in quick for  their dinner. This night  the offerings were baked potatoes with assorted toppings and self serve Vietnamese rice paper rolls. A great way to feed a crowd of five families. 
These three girls of mine think this is 'the latest fashion!' It's a long time joke and now anytime we are in close proximity to seaweed they are soon draping it over themselves in most becoming ways. .

#4. Spring was the season of the pizza oven. We had a couple of stand out events around our oven that were the making of great memories. It's so nice to be able to use it again after the long, cold winter and there is just something about sitting back with the sun shining, the oven blazing, a g &t in hand and good friends to talk to that just melts away all trace of winter.

Things are looking all set for a crowd. Master photobomber also approves.

#5. Eggs reappeared on the menu after a cold season lull. First up? My favourite garden meal - egg and spinach pie!

#6. Finally, October was the month of the birthdays here with two of my daughters each having a special day. Particularly special for my middle girl as she turned 13 and now travels the road of teenagehood and all that comes with it. Hopefully that won't be too much though and I can only hope her placid nature sticks around to see her through the the next five or six years before emerging into adulthood. 

Spring. It's been so great to have you here again. Stop and stay a while, and allow us to soak up some more of your magic..

Monday, October 27, 2014

Where to from here, old friend?

Something has been niggling away at me for some time now and it's been hard to put my finger on it. I took a much needed break from blogging which I feel has served it's purpose, yet the niggling feeling still remains.

Reminiscing about the pictorial diary I once kept so regularly. No new notes to look back on as I attempt to make that top a second time around, or that pie that tasted so good way back then. Feelings that I somehow need to keep at this blogging thing, even though it is challenging at times trying to fit it into everyday life. It is worth it, for my own sense of self.

I miss the pictures.

I miss taking the pictures..

..and planning how to use them.

I miss looking back on the pictures

..and remembering the moment I was in when I took them.

I need the pictures.

And the notes.

Just for myself, because that was what it was always intended to be. Notes to myself to refer back on.

So where to from here, my old friend?

I think I want to rekindle the friendship. Ignite the spark back into what once used to make me so happy.
No rules, no schedules. Visits will be sporadic I'm sure. But my old friend will still be there. Always there.

Welcome back.

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