Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Food growing inspiration from Veg Out Community Garden - St Kilda

As I kick my behind get my act into gear and gather my thoughts for my current Slow Living Monthly 9 post, I want to pause my reflections for a moment and share a place I came across over the weekend. If you were ever feeling in a slump regarding food growing inspiration, one brief wander through this hidden treasure of a community garden in St Kilda, Victoria - just a stones throw away from the hustle and bustle of the Esplanade, busy Acland Street (Cake St) and the regular squeals from the scenic railway at Luna Park- will excite food growers alike and call to the repurposer within...

It had such a great vibe as soon as I walked through the gates..

The gardens are used by community groups and private individuals. In addition to the growing plots, Veg Out includes a chook pen, composting area, communal spaces and art studio..

For those who don't know..
I never seem to get tired of seeing rusty tins used for growing..

Fabulous murals..
I love love love this bike wheel!
Most plots I saw had a letterbox. Besides being extremely charming, they seemed to be the perfect place for plot holders to store gardening gloves, seed packets and the like! Snail mail between growers, too?
My absolute  favourite!
Happy growing!

Community Gardens St Kilda


  1. I have visited the garden many times and there is always something new to see. Very Inspirational and also a good example of how a garden can be anywhere. I believe the waiting list for one of the plots is very long and one would think this might be a light bulb for other councils to consider putting aside some land for community use. The idea of having an allotment for growing your own food like they do in the UK might not be a bad one for city dwellers.

  2. What a great place , love the wheel too and so true that gardening is an act of optimism. Hooray for gardeners!

  3. Wow that looks awesome I would love to go visit and take a peek

    1. Come visit and ill take you. I could probably force myself to go to Acland Street for an afternoon. If you make it a Sunday am then we can visit the Sunday Markets which are a really high standard of craftsmanship.

    2. There is a new Italian cheese shop (across from the McDonald's) that makes Acland Street worth fighting the crowds, I think it's called La Formaggeria - also has beautiful meats and local honey, chai, etc. Opened right before my hubby moved from St Kilda to the USA so we only got to go once, oy!

  4. What a busy, happening place! I had no idea!

  5. That's one delightful place to garden...I love the colors, and textures. Reminds me very much of the community garden where we used to live.


  6. Gorgeous! I love seeing other people recycling and repurposing in the garden. It always looks charming and like a breath of fresh air after looking at pristine lawns and new raised beds.

  7. What a wonderful and inspiring place. Sadly tho we have allotments here in the Uk they would never look as colourful and inspiring as this as they often have a committee who have strict rules about what you can and can't do :(. I am guessing that the area takes its name from the Scottish Island of St Kilda, one which has a sad but wonderful history.

  8. What an awesome garden! I just love community gardens- so much inspiration :)

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  10. Aww makes me sentimental and my hubby as well since he's just transplanted from St Kilda, a stone's throw away from the Veg Out gardens actually, this year. Love that place and the inspiration it always gave me for my garden here in Portland, OR!

  11. Wow. What an amazing community garden. I love all the garden art and murals. So inspiring!:)


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