Monday, October 28, 2013

From the peninsula..,

Eleven women. A house..quite a  large house in fact. With an open fire and by the sea! A visit to these hot springs (sooo good! I thoroughly recommend!). A winery visit and a foodie lunch. A beachy stroll and a much anticipated visit to Heronswood. Even a veggie patch celebration cake! All packed in amongst copious amounts of chatter and belly laughs. Lots of those! Six years in the planning and completely wonderful!

Friday, October 11, 2013


It's feeling decidedly 'springy' here lately. Gusty gales, warm sunny days followed by chilly days with wintery rain..and then back to sunny days. The grass is constantly in a state of knee high threatening to waist high in some areas! Apple and pear blossom is out and our meals are shifting to lighter offerings...which is so nice after the heaviness of winter food! This is a glimpse of my garden during a recent wander..

Apple..planted so long ago I can't remember the variety. It has yet to fruit for us..
Quince in flower. I can't wait for the day when we manage to grow full size quinces!
Garlic continues to plod along...
Lighter meals call for wraps. Nicest if they are homemade..
Scones don't feel so naughty if wholemeal flour is used! Healthy? Of course! Or at least an element of...
Back in the kitchen..fried rice with abundant omelettes from our eggs. I do love omeletty fried rice!
A basket of  springy blooms from my wander. Happy weekend people!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Double digits

Six excited, squealing girls on school holidays. Balloons and bunting. Sleeping bags and chocolate fondue. Nachos and a peppermint choc chip icecream cake (can a moulded circle of  icecream really be called a cake?). Games of twister and statues with eagle eyed judging by the 13yo. Late night sparkler fun (with accompanying squeals..yes, many of those!). Waffles and icecream for breakfast. Icecream....for breakfast!! Morning trampoline jumps in sleeping bags and a sneaky visit to the mud slide and oak tree swing when my back was turned. Just one minor injury. Another year older. 10!  Double digits. The closing of a chapter in my parenting diary. A quiet sigh ..of both relief and contentment. And maybe even a little nostalgia.
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