Primary School Show Day 2013

 It's that time of year again! Our primary school's annual 'show day'. I really love documenting these days as they are so nice to look back on. It's hard to believe that we only have two more left in our family...I don't know where the time is going!

Join me as I take a stroll through this year's Grand Pet Parade and crafty displays. The theme for this year being 'All the fun of the fair'...

My, this pooch looks awfully familiar! ;)
Who says goldfish can't join in the fun? 
Lovely to see a sweet, young goat! 

Lots of noisy, doggy mayhem happening. A morning nap time for all four legged tail waggers? You bet! 

The ever popular baking category. This year the prize went to the tasty looking hamburger in the top left corner made by a grade five student..yum! (mental note: clever children chose to use pinenuts for giant sesame seeds. Most realistic!). 

Well done to the 11yo for her origami fairground display...her efforts were awarded with a third from the official CWA judge and a 1st in the student choice!

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  1. I can't decide what I like best, I'll just have to look again. :)

  2. What a fantastic school community you have! I ran this idea past the school in June but I couldn't get them on board...even if I volunteered to run it. They didn't think we would get any participation (which we probably wouldn't, the first year- but that's what they said about the art show I run and now it is the most attended activity of the year). I will try again next year...maybe I can show them your pictures to get them inspired. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and those cakes look so interesting and fun. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  4. I just love this idea of a fun fair at your school and all the ways the kids get involved.
    This is getting back to old fashioned ideals and good family fun.


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