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 Over the Easters holidays we had a bit of a shuffle around with furniture here. The Teen was feeling a little put out as her bedroom does not boast a wardrobe of any sort. And being typically..well, teen, she was in a state of devastation because she had nowhere to store her clothes. She had been 'sharing' her sisters wardrobe for several months but with her increased pocket money and as a result, increased number of clothes this was no  longer working. There simply wasn't enough space in that little wardrobe for two lots of girls clothing, no matter how hard one tried to shove the door closed after retrieving something!

It got to the stage where she had plans to do a whole bedroom re-shuffle in the hopes of gaining The Wardrobe in her sister's room. As we usually do these massive types of room rearrangings in the summer holidays,  the youngest was now feeling particularly put out that she would be evicted from her bedroom all for the sake of The Wardrobe!

The solution?

A loft bed for the teen with sleeping up top and desk and wardrobe down below. It has been a lifesaver, this loft bed. Mind you it wasn't easy. Opting for a used one we had to find just the right one, making sure it wasn't too far away. Getting it home was fun in itself as was putting it together. We felt particularly fortunate that we hadn't been the ones to assemble it entirely from scratch had we bought it new! Still, it was quite a job and took the better half of two days to completely get up and into a functional state.

The Teen is happy. She has her wardrobe at last! The youngest is happy. She didn't have to be relocated! And this mama is happy because the furniture re-shuffle meant that she finally got a computer desk for her craft room.

At last, she doesn't have to have the laptop in the midst of sewing fabric on her work table. She can do emails and craft simultaneously - well as much as can be expected anyway!

But you know what the addition of a new desk meant?

Yes, the job we all dread doing..clearing out creative spaces of unnecessary STUFF.

Uggh. it wasn't pretty but now, sitting on the other side of the craft room overhaul, I'm feeling very comfortable. Perched at my 'new' desk, in the sunny corner by the window, where once stood a chest of drawers, now typing away I am satisfied. Making this space usable has been long overdue.

Having several interests makes the organisation of such a space a little more...challenging. 

Sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, herbal concoctions and soapmaking all require STUFF. And that stuff needs a place to stay when not in use. Not to mention the reading material that goes with such interests. It all requires space and the one thing I have learned the past couple of weeks is it pays to have each 'interest's stuff' in zoned spaces. 

Books are the obvious, requiring little else but sturdy shelving.

Fibre of the dyed sort is now destined for the top shelf. Not having a place to store this previously was a challenge to say the least. Now, with the repurposing of some clear plastic bags, I can see exactly what is up there at a glance and be inspired just by passing by... 

The girls with their rearranged furniture are spending more time at their desks being creative, so it was time to cut down the storage space in the craft room for tween craft supplies. One shelf of 'stuff' with another below for paper and pencils is more than enough for them to come and help themselves to..
See my new e-station by the window? It's pretty comfy over there..(here? I'm getting all confused now!)
Suitcases and baskets are a favourite for storing yarn and other crafty oddments. One case for each 'interest' so what's in there makes sense when the case is opened up..

A chest of drawers holds small amounts of fabric for odd projects. I'm finding the trick to using this type of storage is not to overfill the drawers. One needs to be able to open them with ease, you know..
 Ahh, there it is! It may not be much or even that pretty, but it's made an awkwardly set up space...usable. Sitting by the window is so nice too..I don't know why it's taken me this long to figure it out!

There is still plenty of room on shelves to have soap curing and enough storage space (just) for an increasing amount of dye 'stuff'..

And the most sensible thing of all..a sizeable work area! Luckily, the room is quite large and lends itself to having two tables backed onto each other for an increased work area, which is worth it's weight in gold while sewing..
While re-organising this space I found myself stopping and thinking about how I was going to use the space, where I would move and which areas would have easy access. Being in a 'through' room, that is, one which has traffic to another room beyond also had it's challenges. As tempting as it was to block up the through-way, it just wasn't an option.

Now I am finding myself looking at other areas in the house that could function a little more efficiently. That cupboard at the end of the hallway filled with old sheets  that we never seem to use - this could be ideal as a storage area for jars of preserved food. Perhaps a hanging ladder or something similar in the kitchen for utensils and the some odd pots or pans would free up space in the cupboards that always seems so cramped. The for tools - spades, shovels etc, and near the pizza oven, imagine having everything needed for a spontaneous firing within easy reach! The options are endless when I come to think of it..

Have you had any room shuffle arounds lately? Do you have any tips for creating usable spaces in the home or office? 


  1. Finding space for my crafts whilst also trying to keep everything neat and tidy (all my rooms are open), is always a huge challenge. I am constantly shifting things around. I think you've done a great job of making things look neat.

    1. Keeping things neat and tidy is a HUGE challenge, isn't it! I admire you finding spaces in your open plan home, I would find this particularly challenging! :)

  2. Oh I love re-jigging rooms and making them more workable. Your room looks very organised and neat. I especially love an empty table! Mostly because ours is almost always messy with papers and stuff.

    On the weekend my sister dropped off an old cabinet she no longer wants that used to belong to my nana. I remember she stored her knitting and patterns in it. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet.

    1. Oh, that's exciting, veggiegobbler - nana cabinets can be so much fun to put things into! I wish I still had my nana's cabinet..

  3. I find that re-organizing always has a snowball effect... I like what you have done.

    1. Yes, it's like opening up a can of worms! Still, it's all good and a smoothly run space is so much nicer to be in. If only they stayed that way! :)

  4. Wow! Well done you! I am having similar challenges in our small bathroom and 5 people in it. Young woman seem to have so much 'stuff" that needs storing... Maybe I need to host male students next to solve the bathroom clutter crisis!!! - K xx

  5. All of the windows in the craft room look great. Natural light is always good.

  6. Yes most certainly a musical chairs furniture style is happening in our household... with the Teens now declaring that they have now morphed into adolescents and the furniture that used to function well isn't doing what's required now... it does result in mayhem in the interim... big declutterings... re-organizing... trying to buy second hand beds (the singles aren't big enough anymore... doubles are what they want now) I wish I had the room for a sewing space like you... I think I will have to resign myself to the guest bedroom (at least I can close that off).


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