Feel Good Sunday

"It's going to be a really cool event with music and good company, right in my neighbour's garden. There'll even be a stage for the performers along with a handmade stall run by the kids!"

These words, or thereabouts, were spoken by a dear friend as she was eagerly telling our veggie group one Friday about the upcoming event in her street.

Held in a picturesque garden setting, this muso event was labelled as 'open mic' and was held to raise funds for The Thin Green Line, a foundation formed to 'Protect the Protectors', those working on the front lines of conservation all over the globe; from India to Columbia, the Congo to Cambodia and more.
From their website:

"Many of the world’s Park Rangers work in extreme conditions while protecting our endangered species and ecosystems.
Low pay, lack of equipment, poor living conditions and the threat of severe violence is the daily reality for many of these frontline conservationists."

Yes, it did indeed sound a very worthy cause.

Besides enjoying a fun day out, I was feeling extra good that 100% of the donations taken on the day would be going to this cause. Not 10%, not 30%, not even 50%! Nope. One Hundred Per-Cent!!

Definitely a feel good day out..

One always has to stop and admire a vintage caravan done up in the sweetest way! (Yes, that 'one' would be me).

The lovely homemade lemonade stand which was run by the local girlies, my daughter among them..

Feeling very much like a 'day on the green', or how I imagined one would - never actually having been at a 'day on the green', the scene of picnic blankies and baskets gave me the warm fuzzies. That along with the fireplaces strategically placed around the garden!

Performances ranged from upbeat to soulful. Boppy to positively operatic. 

Dogs were welcome, too! 

Sean Willmore, Founder of The Thin Green Line Foundation
There was much cool merchandise to peruse..
I came home with the CD which I'm really looking forward to listening to..soon! It even includes Gotye!

I felt totally chilled after spending the afternoon lounging on the grass with good friends to talk to and soothing music washing over me.

Yeahhhhhh, a real feel good Sunday!

For more information, visit: The Thin Green Line Foundation


  1. I feel good just reading about it.

    1. Excellent, Rose. My warm fuzzy duty has been fulfilled for the day! ;)

  2. I have the Tshirt the boy is wearing. It's a great cause and what a fun way to donate!

    1. Oh, great, Linda! It was a toss up between the t-shirt and the CD. The music won. I would've loved to have taken both, though! :

  3. Oooops! Girl with ponytail? Haven't woken up yet!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea - but cookies! They are called biscuits in Australia...
    Anzac Biscuits not Anzac Cookies. Sometimes we have to try really hard to hold onto who we are and what we have. It may seem like a small thing, but it makes a big difference.
    Food for thought : )

    1. Food for thought..yes, perhaps. However, I do think that with the reach of the internet now, language is becoming more globalised and the barriers that were once so obvious are becoming a lot more blurred. More food for thought..

      The girlies had great fun which is the important thing! :)

  5. Christine that sounds like an awesome way to spend a Sunday. Love it! :-)

    1. It would totally be your kind of thing, Brydie, I'm sure! :)

  6. listened to the cd today, its great, felt very special to be invited to such a soulful gig, a really wonderful Sunday.

    1. Yes a really good CD! Am loving track 3 - Mia Dyson's 'When the Moment Comes'!! :)

  7. Wow! This sounds SO fun!
    I agree with Rose, I feel good just reading about it!


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