The Gift - the kindness of strangers

 A week or so ago I was contacted by a reader of my blog asking if I was interested in a spinning wheel she had sitting unused in one of her cupboards. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gratefully accepted her generous offer and we arranged to meet on a certain day and time to transfer the wheel.

The day of our meeting was sunny and warm, perfect for the plant nursery she chose to meet at - complete with coffee shop inside. We sat under the umbrellas at a table over a coffee and had a relaxed, friendly chat. It felt familiar even though I had never met this person before. We exchanged details of our lives and plans for the future. It was lovely.

I had completely forgotten the reason for our meeting.

Once our coffees were finished and were making our way outside she mentioned that she had brought along a few extra items that she wasn't using anymore. I was welcome to use them or pass them on to friends I thought who could use them.

I was completely unprepared for what followed.

The generosity of this dear person took me quite aback.

Useful books packed with so much information..

...from crafts to spinning, cooking to preserving, permaculture and so on..
 A food dehydrator. I have been toying with the idea one for some time now but the price was always a barrier for me.

Yarn for knitting and fleece for spinning. Fabric to sew along with a yoghurt maker.
The spinning wheel that was originally mentioned, which spins as smooth as smooooth can be.

The generosity and kindness of this reader has me feeling completely overwhelmed. I am grateful more than words can say. If you are reading, A, thankyou! From the bottom of my heart. xxx

Do you 'pay things forward'? Perhaps you've been the recipient of similar goodwill? What are your experiences? I'd love to hear..


  1. Oh wow you hit the jackpot there! Have fun playing with all your new toys. Yes I love to pay it forward, and random acts of kindness and it seems you have been the recipient of both!

  2. Wow! What a sweet new friend! By far the best thing about blogging for me has been the unexpected but awesome friendships that have developed.


  3. Oh wow. How lucky you are & how generous of you new friend. Wonderful goodies for sure. Hugs,xx.

  4. Good gracious, Christine! Like a birthday (or several) and Christmas rolled into one glorious surprise-package! Such a generous and thoughtful new friend :)

  5. Lovely and I think your generous friend feels just as good because she knows that those items will be used and loved. I think Preppy Pink Crocodile put it well when she talked about the lovely friendships that bloggers tend to develop because finally we find people with similar ideas.
    AS far as paying it forward goes, it doesn't always have to be something you get but how people behave towards you. When david and I were on our honeymoon , a blind man was trying to get around a construction site where the street pavement used to be , David took him gently by the arm and guided him to somewhere safe and familiar. It was a moment where I saw the very reason why I would be married to this man forever , but also how you can make such a difference to someone's life by just a kind word and a thoughtful act.

  6. Wow very generous indeed but also the birth of a friendship. I recently gave some bikes away and i felt so good about it. Knowing that something that was in the way and not being used became something valued by another. Happy Easter everyone.

  7. Wow! That was really generous.
    I recently got w dehydrator so I'll be interested to read about what you make.

  8. Wow! that's amazing! Passing on items to someone who will love them and use them more than yourself is the ultimate in gift giving - it feels good for all parties and is good for the environement too. Have fun!

  9. Goodness what a lovely, lovely lady! I'm sure she must be happy knowing that all her things are going to someome who will appreciate and make use of them.
    A wonderful story... makes me want to go and do something nice for someone too! :)

  10. What a lovely story about a very generous soul. The giving of one generous soul to another equally generous soul.

  11. What a wonderful experience. That is a lot of goodies. I like to pay it forward but usually on a much less grand scale.

  12. That is such a haul, very thoughtful gift indeed

  13. Wow Christine, you made out like a bandit ;-) I know I am *much* more generous giving things away when I know they are going to a good home where they will be used and/or appreciated, so I can see where your generous benefactor is coming from. I gifted a stack of handknits recently to someone who not only loved them (rare) but knows how to look after them (even rarer), which made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

    Happy Easter to you and your lovely family, have fun playing with your goodies!

    Cheers, Julie

  14. That is so lovely Chris, good karma breeds good karma. I look forward to reading about your adventures with the lovely things given to you by your benefactor. S/he has also given to the rest of us who read and do.

    Happy Easter to you, your family and your benefactor.

  15. Absolutely wonderful Christine. What generously beautiful person! So many wonderful things in there.
    The dehydrator especially catches my eye. My mum has offered her 1970's one for me, but along with the size of it, I can't help but think a more recent one would be more efficient.
    Enjoy all your lovely new things.

  16. Absolutely stunning! How blessed you must feel to have met someone, who through their generosity and thoughtless action, has restored not only yours, but all your readers faith in their fellow man.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  17. What a sweet blessing ! My Mom does this all the time. My parents truly live a life that giving is more blessed than receiving, but it sure is fun to be on the receiving end at times :) A have a sweet girlfriend that gave me a pair of Luchesse boots and then later a brown suede jacket and I just smile and think of her whenever I wear them.

  18. Some of my favorite possessions were other people's cast offs, and I think of those lovely people when I wear them. I also try to give away things I don't need to someone who will love them as much as I did.


  19. wow indeed. Just think now how much extra 'goodness' is circulating in the world :)
    And that dehydrator will always 'feel' better using, than one you bought... I reckon so anyway.

  20. Oh my goodness, what a wonderfully generous person!! Those are such precious gifts!
    Hope you are well, I always love visiting here.
    Warm regards

  21. What a beautiful and generous bounty! Your reader must've known that you'd have a use for all of those amazing goodies.

    We were blessed with almost a freezer full of meals from near strangers (as part of an online parenting group) when my son was born. Totally unexpected and very much appreciated. I've since been able to repay the favour to several other new mums - it's a beautiful feeling.

  22. Thanks for lovely comments and sharing your experiences, They were really interesting to read! :)

  23. I recently was the recipient of some bikes, a bike helmet, some childrens books (wrapped up like a gift I might add) and a rooster, courtesy of a lady who reads this blog. Her generosity just blows my mind! I most definitely believe in paying it forward as well as, when possible, returning the favour if the chance arises. If it does I shall share back generously but if it doesn't come about then I shall be eternally grateful for her generous gifts and I will strive to emulate her generous nature. She has also gifted me your blog details. :D

    When I was a kid our church had a casserole bank - a deep freezer full of casseroles and stews, all frozen and labelled. When someone was sick, became a widow/widower or faced some form of crisis, my mum who was church secretary and in the pastoral care team would whip out a (usually 2L ice-cream) container and drop it off. I grew up with the idea that when there was a crisis, you provide food and to this day, should someone I know lose someone or fall sick etc, I will head to the kitchen and cook.

    As an aside, I bought a dehydrator about 18-24 months ago, just an el-cheapo on eBay and it's WONDERFUL! A Fowlers Vacola one though is a really good brand. Once you get into it you will find so many uses for it. Fruit leathers, home dried apples, apricots and such, if you make coconut milk then you can dehydrate the used coconut and grind for flour, the list is endless. :D

  24. Hello rabidlittlehippy! Wonderful to read your reply and your similar experience.
    Thanks for sharing your memories of the church casserole sounds like a very well run system. We do something similar within our veggie group when a friend is in crisis, all taking turns at delivering a meal just seems to last for weeks by the time it makes it way around the group.

    SO looking forward to experimenting further with the deydrator..thanks for your tips. ;)


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