Easter Greetings

The children of the neighbourhood braved the misty drizzle and arrived at the home of a school mate with a glint of anticipation in their eyes. Empty baskets and restless feet were at the ready. The rules were announced and then they were off, quicker than the eye can blink!

Drizzle went unnoticed as they scampered around, looking for hidden treats.

Sweaters, socks and hair soaked through they eventually made their way back, the biggies (after a little encouragement) sharing with the littlies. Inside for a scrumptious morning tea and then back home again to the warmth of the fire..

Hope your day was a happy one!

**Sit tight for the Slow Living March wrap up in the next couple of days...**


  1. Oh beautiful. Happy and safe easter to you all xxxx

  2. Sounds perfect. The cooler weather is lovely.

  3. I still remember the excitement of an Easter Egg hunt from both when my kids were little and when I was young. So much fun.

  4. What wonderful photos!! Looks like fun was had by all! - K xx

  5. Such beautiful photos. I am so drooling over those colorful cupcakes, so love em!
    My best easter wishes to you and your family.
    Have fun this coming Easter 2014.

    Cheers xxx

  6. Wonderful celebration of Easter, amazingly captured photos and crafts. I love this post so much. Thank you for sharing. This Easter 2014, I'm wishing you and your dears a blessed and happy Easter.

    Regards, Prasad


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