Last of the Summer Weekends..

We're having such a long warm spell at the moment, it's actually kind of hard to think that this is the last weekend of summer!

One of my favourite events took place on Saturday - our local flea market held by the CFA (Country Fire Authority). Living in a high bushfire risk area, this is one cause I am always pleased to support. Each year it promises to be a fun outing and the tweens enjoy it too..usually disappearing the moment we get there, purses burning with loose change and friends to meet up with.

This brings forth no complaints from me, it is so nice to be able to walk through the 'treasure' and pick it over, buying a piece here and there and then sitting in the shade with a cool drink while waiting for the tweens to return, hot, tired and full of treats.

This year I was pretty excited to find an old, battered suitcase. I just love these kinds of old cases and after going several times to the Suitcase Rummage last year, I have been finding myself on the lookout for cases full of character to transport my goods in. I think I found such character in this little case, I really do.
My other exciting find was a known brand pressure cooker that I bought for less than a cup of coffee with a friend!  Really, all I wanted to do was take it home and try it out but it was a total shock to find out the value of the equipment I had on my hands!

It seems to work fantastically too..even for the nervous amateur such as myself. The deal maker was that it had the instruction books with it and it was all packed up in it's original box. I don't think I would've been game if it hadn't have been for these couple of small things.

I had never used a pressure cooker prior to yesterday. However!  I can see myself becoming a total convert! Rice in five minutes? Are you kidding me? Succulent beef korma curry in under 40 minutes? Get out of town!! This shiny, barely used  pot blew me away...not literally of course, thank goodness!

Test cooking of some green beans from the garden also took place, just two minutes and they were ready to bag and freeze. Hubby says they were of a most agreeable taste and texture, although I thought they were a little overdone and would be tempted to pull them out sooner next time...

Do you have any advice for a newbie with a pressure cooker to get her going on the right track?

Hubby's special breakfast is a regular feature on the weekend...
He has the production line down to a fine art now.

The teen has attempted her first tie dye garment.
A pair of shorts. A pair of short shorts. This was so much fun to see come out of the dye pot - like unwrapping a present of the most exciting kind! She was really pleased with them and started eyeing off her wardrobe with a whole new set of eyes..

Remember those chicks that hatched over Christmas/New Year? You wouldn't recognise them now..
Barnevelders - 8 weeks

I've lost track of which were the dark and which were the light ones..oh well. We do have one adolescent crow happening at times, which I was relieved to discover was not actually an animal in pain as it very much sounded like..

Backyard crosses - 5 weeks

The tween has a tomato grown from saved seed of a big pink variety. Any ideas? We haven't sliced it yet, and have two others just like it. I am looking forward to trying it out, maybe tonight! Brandywine, perhaps?

What would the last weekend of summer be without a cooling paddle in an icy cold stream? 

Hoping you're enjoying the changing of the seasons out there. :)


  1. Im looking forward to the change as i am a little over this heat. I dont have an icy cold stream to dip my feet into, unlike some! Good, great photos. Sunflower is spectacular. Ive never used a pressure cooker either though remember my mum doing so. Great find. Im not sure i could trust myself at a market though love the idea of spending a day doing so. I'd be buying everyone elses produce (preserves, relish, baking) when i should be doing it myself. I love the tie died shorts - remember when we were young and did it the first time. Soon everything in the cupboard down to our undies , singlets and hankies were tie died. When is my invitation to breakfast???? Yum.

  2. Beautiful pics! Especially the sunflower. I have always been intrigued by pressure cookers but I have never tried using one. What a great find! Very envious of your icy cold stream, I am so over this heat.

  3. Now that my friend, is an absolute bargain. The pressure cookers are absolutely amazing, but holy moly I'd be nervous cooking with it!
    It hadn't actually occurred to me it was the last weekend of how did that happen!

  4. Oh wow what a weekend! Love finding old goodies and at that price is a laugh, love it. I cannot believe summer is coming to an end. I am actually keen for the weather to cool and exhale a little. xx

  5. Wow, awesome find Christine. I have that pressure cooker and I don't use it enough. I do kilo lots of kidney beans or chickpeas, batch them up and freeze. There's a recipe for cheesecake in the manual that I haven't tried yet. I also did a chocolate pudding for Christmas (from Claire K Creations). 45 minutes instead of hours of boiling and topping up the pan. is the website from the maker of your pressure cooker - very useful.

    1. I forgot, the chooks look great too!

    2. Ahh, great to hear you have the same model, Jo! I was wondering about trying a steamed golden syrup style pudding..I'm thinking it might only take half an hour?!
      Will bookmark that page, thanks.
      Chooks say thanks, too! :)

  6. What a glorious tomato. I'm not sorry to see autumn Arrive, especially if it brings some rain. I'll be watching your pressure cooker experiments with great interest. Love your barefoot treasures shot and those tie dye shorts, so fun dying clothes

  7. Love a good tag/rummage sale! You had a very good day :) I also bought a pressure cooker at a tag sale, but as it is NOT shiny, I am trying to have it tested somehow before actually experimenting with it. We all seem to have that image of a top blowing off and the contents splattered on the kitchen ceiling...

    Thanks for the comment on my cashmere post. I responded on my blog, in case anyone else had the same questions :)

  8. What lovely bargains - I love the pink and green unit in your first photo I would have loved to snap that up. Can't help with the new pressure cooker but hope you continue to enjoy it x

    1. You know it's funny, sweetpea, after looking back on the pics of the market I was thinking the same kind of thing..."should've bought that! And that!" and so on.. Lol. ;)

  9. I have that same pressure cooker and it's great! Far more sustainable to use than the slow cookers that seem to be popular at the moment because you're cooking for LESS time, which equals LESS energy.
    Plus I love being able to decide at 5.30pm that I feel like a curry or stew for tea, and in under an hour I have beautiful tender meat. Great for fast risotto too, though you'll need a few minutes of stirring at the end once the lid's off to get that nice creamy consistency.
    Check you local library and see if they have a pressure cooker recipe book.

    1. Absolutely, Amber..the less fuel, less time thing is a total revelation! Loving it!! We had baked beans the other night..from scratch and they were the tenderest (a word?) beans I've ever made. Would like to give a risotto a go too...

  10. Great finds with the case and pressure cooker.
    Can't believe how quick it is to cook with. Would be great for preserving all the excess garden produce.

  11. Oh I love the suitcase - the picture of that sun flower and my goodness what a great big tomatoe - let us know what it tastes like - maybe if you email the picture to say - Diggers - they might be able to help in identifying this. Make sure you save the seeds. Cheers, Wendy

    1. Thanks, Wendy, you're right, I'm sure Diggers would be in the know. :)

  12. I've never used a pressure cooker and would be very frightened of it. But wow! What amazing cooking times for busy days! Love the tie die.

  13. I was sad to read your title, but also happy since it means that spring is coming here quickly. ;-)

    That suitcase is all kinds of awesome.

    Congratulations on your pressure cooker. I bought one and used it for the first time this weekend too.

  14. I love pressure cooking - I bought an electric one just a fortnight before the newborn arrived (to replace a slow cooker that had given up the ghost) and I've managed to get a meal on the table for the family without fail ever since - so good for last minute ideas. I have been finding recipes on Pinterest, there are quite a few boards devoted to pressure cooking there.


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