These days..

Mark the end of our Summer holiDays..

Sweet days filled with few commitments,

Time, time I say, to stop and tackle a project or two..

Time to watch the beans grow!

And even meet a new friend..

Time to bake..and say yes to tween requests to bake,

For the purpose of a celebration. A teen celebration! 

My goodness, I can hardly believe it! We have a teenager on our hands!
{Yikes!! Parent handbook please, anyone?}

Hoping you're enjoying the last few days of the summer holidays if you're south of the equator! 
{and staying particularly warm and cosy if you're not ;)}


  1. I hear you on the teen thing, and needing a book. My amazing 12 year old is 3.5 weeks away from officially hitting the teens years. The baking looks delicious.

  2. What lovely days you have been having. We have 2 teens in our house so far and yes a handbook would be amazing:)

  3. Today is our final day of holidays! I have mixed emotions about it. And that handbook, sorry I seem to have lost mine when Lou Lou and Rosie were teens!

  4. These holidays felt like they would never end ....I love this time with our kids. I feel a bit wistful heading off to work today as it was such a great Summmer holiday being here on the farm living at our own pace and not the world's pace.

  5. That sounds like a lovely, precious, pleasant time in so many ways!
    It's snowing again here, but your picture of the beans will have me reaching for the seed catalogs after evening chores, I can just tell. ;)

  6. I had two boys and definitely could have used a handbook, unfortunately both were so different I would have needed on of those make your own story kind of handbook where you are given an option and then directed to a page to continue reading. Love the "trellis" you are using for your beans it looks so much better than what I planned to use this summer.

  7. sigh...back to lunch boxes tomorrow.
    A teenager?...eek!

  8. I came; I read; I joined. Great blog. There is no parent handbook for raising teenagers. As soon as one thing is decided on it will probably change because of a different circumstance. You will be flying by the seat of your pants. If they have been given the roots they will grow BUT with some mistakes. Stop by my place about living simply and easily. I would love to see you there. Jeanne

    1. Welcome, Jeanne, great to have you here! Thankyou for the advice. x

  9. Hello--I visit your blog from time to time. I love your pictures and seeing how different things are in your world. But, I guess having teenagers feels scary to moms everywhere!


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