Of Late..

Of late, we've been walking our new companion, Harry, regularly. Trying to incorporate a little exercise into the everyday, a poochy pal is surely the best way to do it!

He is settling in so well with us, I couldn't be happier. He is currently on the eldest's bed snoozing, tonight it may be the middle tween's and then tomorrow, it will most likely be the youngest's. Nothing like a roster to keep things in check. My only concern is our front fencing and the cars that like to speed around the bend. Until I can sort out a solution, he is on a retractable lead when outside with us, and then let free inside the house. He loves a trip to school and is slowly sniffing out the neighbourhood (and leaving his mark!). 

New yarnings were cast on...

In the form of a vintage vest pattern. It's been a while since I've done any knitting and the arrival of a new baby in the extended family was enough motivation to get the needles out again!

Strange things continue to brew on the kitchen bench...
{water kefir}

I have been crazily sewing up little girls smocks to sell!

I think I am fast becoming addicted to fabrics from yesteryear, I find them so sweet! Last weekend saw the Suitcase Rummage back in town and I took myself, the 11yo and her chum down for the day where we enjoyed a fun day out..
It was lovely to meet a reader of my blog (hello out there!) and have a little chat, as well as talk to a lovely blogger who had her stall close to mine. Several stall holders had returned from the previous rummage and it was a really nice feeling of a growing community.

After the 11yo's stall commenced with a quiet start last month, it really went off this time around! She sold out of her origami cranes on string and had quite a few takers for some cards and origami fortune cookies! As you can imagine she was totally stoked and absolutely made her day!

This week I have been a tourist in my own town.

Do you ever do this? I can't remember the last time I was up at the top of the mountain viewing the lookout, but with my mum entertaining an overseas visitor, it was a great excuse to join them.

And there is nothing quite like a friend's 40th birthday celebration calling everyone to wear their 'Ugly Frocks' to get one feeling good!
A houseful of guests in their ugliest, most hideous frocks (or shirts), their 'formal thing gone wrong', was a most successful recipe for a party!

Enjoy your Sunday, people!


  1. Ha, that red and blue gingham reminds me of a sundress my Mum made me when I was 15! My daughter had a "bad taste, Op Shop" theme for her 18th and it was hilarious what all the young ones wore. Lots of 'old mans' pyjamas and ugly Hawaiian shirts.

    We don't get out enough in our area either, always too busy doing something else!

    Cheers, Joolz

  2. The girls smock is so pretty. I love the fabric.
    It's lovely meeting up with fellow bloggers isnt it. It's like you already know them yet have never met before.

  3. your new pup is definitely acclimated - love that pic!

    1. Thanks for sharing your 'bad taste' experience, Joolz, what fun! :)

      It's a little surreal meeting up with bloggers, Zara, but good, definitely good!

      Oh, yes, EcoGrrl..he has made himself most comfortable here. :)

  4. Sounds like you are having fun at the markets. Our sustainability stall went really well and we are doing it every month now- I just loved the interaction and friendliness of the other stall holders.
    The smock is very 'Holly Hobby' -it's funny how you can look at a fabric and feel all nostalgic isn't it!

  5. I love the idea of a suitcase rummage sale. It's something that doesn't seem to have caught on here yet.

  6. I adore the fabric you used on the smock and your suitcase rummages sound like so much fun. Congrats to your daughter, it's always nice to see young people getting encouragement for their creative side.

    1. Love the meeting of like minded people, Kim! It sounds like your sustainability stall is loads of fun. x

      It's a great day out, Chez. :)

      I was so pleased the daughter's stall was successful, Livingsimply, she puts so much effort into her craftings. :)

  7. I love the sounds of all of that Christine. Especially the rummage suitcase day (oh how I really, really wish there was something like that here!) and your ugly frock party would have been lots of fun. I went to one like that once many moons ago. Lots of fun!

  8. I reckon that ugly frock could be refashioned into something quite delightful for a little one. Looking forward to the next rummage.

    1. I know they run the rummages interstate, Bryds, not sure why they don't do Sydney? Maybe already too many market? I don't know, it's a shame. I am certain you would love it. :)

      Haha, you are SO on the same page as I was when I eyed it off in the op-shop, Kirsty!! Great minds. Yes, must book in...

  9. Hello back to you from out here!!
    The Anonymous Suitcase Rummager

  10. I tend to collect vintage fabric too, when I see it - it's always cute. I love the smock that you made.

    1. Thanks, Heidi, older fabrics are so charming, aren't they! :)

  11. That is just the sweetest little dress! Takes me back to the 70's hand me downs I wore as a little girl in the 80's (we didn't have a lot of money for clothes so most were handmade or secondhand). I love the bright yarn for a baby vest.

  12. So great to meet you too! Hopefully I will be back in December for another Suitcase Rummage.


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