All Creatures, Great and Small..

I was going to write an attempt at a witty post entitled: The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

I changed my mind.

For one, I am not feeling overly witty at this present moment, and two, it just doesn't feel right for me to try and be witty in this post.

Let me share some creature happenings with you that have been occurring here of late..

We were treated to a glorious display of plumage last Friday at veggie group when the neighbourhood peacock graced us with it's presence. It's so strange that this peacock goes from house to house in a street not that far away from ours, picking up food here and there and roosting in the trees (or on top of cars even!) in any particular backyard that takes his fancy on that given day. Truly a glorious display, worthy of sharing here..

About two weeks ago we said goodbye to our ancient cat. She was without a doubt, my best friend. I had been staff to her since I was 17 and she had moved from house to house with us, put up with the arrival of our daughters (and their toddlerhood), and lived through several life risking adventures. She was the best companion a person could hope for in an animal and I am so sad to see her go. We knew that her time was near and at 18, she did very well in my opinion. I am glad she went the way I had always hoped she her basket, sleeping.

So I suppose this is the truth about cats..and dogs. They do not last forever, as much as it feels like they'll be around for it. Her days were good, her life was filled with many pats and she will remembered with a smile and a laugh, that funny cat who used to race through the house and hide behind the shelving, only to tear around the house again two minutes later..looking expectantly at us like we should be in on her secret!

I will miss this cat, my chief dye inspector and sniffer of the breeze.
Goodbye, friend. x

My girls had a lovely reunion recently with a dear family friend who is somewhat of a whisperer of horses. It was so nice to see them back in the saddle again, after nearly a year and I think he enjoyed it just as much as they did! And the pony too, of course, the sweetest little appaloosa you ever did come across...

We have ducks here! Spring brings that kind of event, you know ;) This proud mama (and papa not pictured) managed to hatch 8...Eight! little ducklings. Every day I keep an eye out for them, hoping that they have not been visited by the fox. They are on there own these ducks, being wildlife residents on the dam, their welfare is solely up to them...and a pinch of luck. 

And finally, I want to introduce our new companion. He was adopted from a nearby shelter and is the most placid, cuddly dog I have come across..
The girls are SO ready for a dog, and after feeling the loss of our cat, I think this is the best thing for everyone, all round. They have been asking for a dog for years..and years,  and we had always  put it off, waiting for the right time.

As much as we miss that cat, this really is the best medicine for a sad heart. A new energy, a different kind of energy, a Doggy energy? I am not even much of a doggy person, yet am finding myself being won over by his sweet brown eyes and swishing tail, his soft fur and eagerness to please. The way he sprawls out for a belly rub, just so. Is sleeping on your back with legs up in the air really that comfortable?
Oh, yes, this little guy is going to win all our hearts..

Welcome to the home, Harry! You will be well loved here. x


  1. It is always sad to say goodbye but knowing they were so loved and had a good life helps. Having a new furry family member will help and I am sure you are in for good times ahead.

  2. I hope that peacock doesn't feel the need to serenade you on his perambulations around the neighbourhood. Beautiful they may be, but their voices are neither sweet nor low. Commiserations on the loss of your old puss cat - I'm going to be faced with the same scenario soon. My old boy is getting like a bag of bones now and wails when he's left alone. Love the look of the newest member of the family. He's gorgeous and he and the kids are going to have a whale of a time with him - dogs [and cats] are an essential part of childhood in my book.

  3. My sympathy and heart go out to you and your family for your kitty's passing. I have been through it many, many times, being a cat ICU nurse for a humane society. But it is life and we grieve and remember and then go on.
    Beautiful peacock. What a neighborhood welcome mat to have around.

  4. I am so sorry about your cat, Christine. We lost a chicken this weekend while we were away for 4 days and my son has buried it now and is very tearful. I do feel your sadness. Your dog is so sweet, the little face reminds me of my Lucky.

  5. Sorry about your darling kitty... it's gut wrenching to lose a pet :(

    Harry is a handsome lad and I'm sure he will thoroughly enjoy pottering in the garden with you and all the snuggles and play sessions with the girls... XO

  6. So sorry for the loss of your sweet cat. What a great long life! The chief dye inspector and sniffer of the breeze sentence made me smile. I have cats and can't even imagine yet what it will be like when they are gone. My Jack Russell passed and 4 months later I started my cat collection (ha) and it is healing to the heart. Your dog is SO cute! I hope he brings you and the family many years of joy and laughs.

  7. What a lovely long life your cat had, - you will miss her, our first cat was almost 17 when she died. So glad you have a new friend, he looks lots of fun!

  8. It's so hard to lose pets! I hope the new dog makes it easier for everyone. He looks gorgeous! Our girl is getting on too, but will be my last cat because we live in the bush. The wildlife is too precious.

  9. Big loss, Chris, but what a glorious life your cat had with you and your family. Lovely peacock! And Harry looks like he's going to bring lots of joy! :)

  10. Good that puss had a peaceful end and Harry looks a likeable little fellow.

  11. Ah Chris, I'm a fellow cat person and I feel for your loss so much. Your kitty did go through major changes in her life as she travelled along with you but she stayed through them, she was obviously devoted to you. Our previous cat Killer (gentle dignified lilac point Siamese) made it to 16 and our Charlie is now 15, so I know what you mean about the long lived companions.

    I'm so glad for all of you about your new friend.

  12. So sorry about the loss of your friend - cats can sure worm their way into your heart. I think that your new little dog looks as though he will be a good companion.

  13. So many changes at your house. I love the new puppy. The end of an era, you will miss that pussy cat, I still keep expecting Sam to be on the doorstep. So pleased she went peacefully in her sleep, my thoughts are with you.

  14. Hi Christine, I was trying to comment yesterday but I don't think it went through.
    A beautiful post and I know how you felt losing an old friend . They are with us through good times and bad....just being there no matter what and it always feels as though they will be with us forever.It funny though we lost our old dog of 23 years about 5 years ago, I still feel sure he is trotting behind me when I am hanging the clothes on the line .
    I am so glad you chose this time to bring a new puppy into the family.Just so cute .

  15. So sad to hear about your cat, such lovely words you have written to remember your dear old best friend.

    Gorgeous duckies, and gorgeous new puppy.

  16. Christine I can almost hear Harry's tail thumping on the floor with happiness. I think he's going to be fitting into your gorgeous family just fine.
    Sending a big hug to you dear lady.

  17. Thankyou all, your comments really mean a lot to me on the farewell of our feline friend. xx

  18. Nice cute dog, I wonder if your cat and dog get along together?

  19. Things are looking promising for a lasting friendship - the cat has given the obligatory prick on his nose and now lets him sleep next to her (at a distance) on the sofa. Fingers crossed! :)

  20. It warms my heart the way you write about the animals. So much love and so little loudness. Your photos are beautiful, too.


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