Slow Living 2012 - Month 8

Welcome to Month 8 of the 2012 Slow Living diary - a record to help me keep track of my personal achievements over the past month. For a detailed description of each category, click here.   

As always you are most welcome to join in with your own Slow Living post in this format, just leave a link to your post down the bottom of the page any time during the month of September and enjoy reading what other people have gotten up to..hopefully gaining some inspiration too!  (Please remember to leave a comment below so I can add your blog to my sidebar)

Winter still lurks! It's funny that with the months flying by, this is the case. However, it IS spring today. Whoop! Hopefully breezy warm days and the smell of cut grass and warm blossom are just around the corner. Here is my wrap up for August..

{nourish} Big tween bake fests have been occurring here of late. With my focus on creative pursuits elsewhere, the older two have been very pleased to get in the kitchen without me hovering over them and have churned out chocolate cakes, cookies and one tasty edible meal a week, including washing up (this I confess for a monetary reward, ahem). I'm all for that.  The meal and the giving of rewards.  ;)

{prepare} Me? Zilch. Nada. Nothing. So sorry to disappoint! Hubby on the other hand did get busy bottling a couple of barrels of homebrew beer. 

{reduce} Hubby deciding not to put the bin out this week was the big one for us! We are on a weekly collection here and most weeks there is only one or two very small bags sitting in the bottom of our wheelie bin. He (rather conveniently) made the call in yet another rain shower that it could comfortably hold off until next week. A great achievement, I think!

{green} This month I've been using a lazy citrus cleaner..instead of the usual brewing of the citrus peel in vinegar for a couple of weeks I've been filling the spray bottle with vinegar and adding several drops of lemon essential oil. It still seems to perform the same, without the fuss of another jar taking up space on the already cramped benchtop. Maybe when the various dyeing paraphernalia makes it's way out of my kitchen, I'll get back onto the brewing again..

{grow} A trip to St Erth with some dear friends to stock up on seeds and veggie group sessions in the rain  were the stand outs this month. We are harvesting broccoli, carrots, leeks, lettuce, rocket, silverbeet, parsely, the odd potato. Most gardening action here this month has been inviting the chooks into various parts of the garden to put their cultivating instincts to good use. 

{create} Another creative month in the way of sewing, knitting and spinning! Selling a few items in my shop was a great motivator too! It's also been fun to dust off my old embroidery machine and have a play around with it.. aha, the possibilities!

{discover} A few very interesting reads are on loan from spinning group at the moment..

{enhance} I've put my name down for a couple of upcoming markets including a suitcase rummage as the first was so successful! I also tended our neighbour's chooks and plants while they were away (in the rain, did I mention the rain?).

{enjoy}  a garden girls day out, being in the process of reviving the front gate stand, seeing Oma's glorious pics of her travels..ah, the beaches in Greece and the houses in Germany - lucky, lucky her. Marking the end of the netball season and realising we that we do actually have our Saturday's back again were what was enjoyed this month. 

Most of all though, it's been nice to be tucked up inside, warm and cosy in the the constant wintery weather.

Delicious morning teas at Veggie Group are always a highlight. This one courtesy of Kirsty. 

 How were things in your month? 


  1. Hi Christine,
    I discovered your blog and the Slow Living Diary only 2 weeks ago. I was so inspired I couldn't wait to do a whole month so have just posted my Slow Living Diary for August on my blog. Your categories reflect what I was trying to achieve on my blog but just having you put some structure around it really helped with focusing on the important stuff. I look forward to maintaning this focus for a whole month now. Have a great September. In QLD spring has arrived I'm sure you're part of the country will start to warm up soon.


  2. Love the sound of a suitcase rummage and yay it's in Melbourne! I might just have to check it out. And all that yarn just makes me feel all crafty :-)

  3. Oh, it all sounds glorious! Fall is definitely here in Canada, so Spring is sure to be on your doorstep in short order :)

  4. I'm glad to see your spring peeking through. It's sad to have our summer winding down, but at the same time we still have a couple of warm months ahead in Canada before the cold and the white set in. The month went by so fast!

  5. I found myself excited to read that Spring has arrived for you. We're having little signs of Fall which has been glorious. :-)

    Congratulations on your Etsy sales and for having your Saturdays back. ;-)

  6. Fantastic pictures. I love the colour in the dye pot.

  7. Mmh yes, winter still lurks and we have had so much rain too! Love your hubby's brew stockpile!

  8. Spinning and brewing, two slow living activities that I hope to aspire to. One day. I just love that shade of the green yarn.

  9. Congrats on your Etsy sales. Are they scones in your photo from the veg group? They look AMAZING!

    1. Yes, Claire, they are savoury scones made by my good friend Kirsty and they were amazing! :)

  10. This month has flown by for me as well. I'm secretly glad I'm not the only one not to have had the time to put up food this month. I'm also jealous of the leeks as ours are done for the year.

  11. Hi Christine! Yay for spring time! We had our first BBQ of the season outside last week and it was wonderful. No bulbs or many bloooms here in Brsyy, just glorious blue sky and wonderful warm days! We go from balmy to buring in the next month or so - so enjoy the balmy days we shall! All too soon we will be sitting under the air conditioner thinking of Kathryn in Colarado and her snow!
    You've had a wonderful and busy month - Im really impressed with your shop! Have a great month everyone - Im off to see what the rest of you have been up to! - Kara xx

  12. Again great month, its nice to see everyone here again this month.

  13. i discovered your blog a month ago, and i love this monthly roundup that you inspire. thru this i have discovered some really interesting blogs, thank you!. I have had a go for the first time this month.

  14. I have watched some of my dear friends take part in your monthly roundup and have so enjoyed their posts and those of all the other link-up gals ;o)I have finally managed to get myself together and join in for the first time this month. Thanks so much for this platform to share and be inspired!

  15. Hi Christine,
    Thanks so much for inspiring us to record our months! It's incredible to look back and see how much we've done, and so encouraging! Love your 'instant citrus cleaner' idea!

  16. Loving the homebrew - there are bottles coming out of our ears here now too! :)
    Just finished my month and its up!

  17. Hi Christine, enjoyed your August round up very much. So glad to be getting back to joining in with your Slow Living posts again. Also looking forward to reading everyone else's Slow living post.I want david to get a brewing kit...home brewed ginger beer is really yummy.

  18. The wool you have dyed is so beautiful. Lovely shades.
    I love the look of the morning tea. Delish.

  19. Hi Christine,
    I hope you've enjoyed the sun today and those first few glimpses last week...there might be hope for the end of this wintery weather after all! Sounds like you've had a great month and your shop looks full of wonderful things. I love the way you've photographed the wool in the tree. I'm intrigued by Vegie Group, have you written about that before? (I've just added my link above - forgot to do that last week!).

  20. Thanks for the opportunity to link up again. Love your dyeing and those muffins look delicious! Also looking forward to warmer days in SA! Yay for spring!

  21. Oops, it seems I linked up twice by mistake. Not sure how to fix that, sorry Christine.

  22. Hi Christine, I did leave a comment early in the month but it must have got lost somewhere. I love that your girls are cooking so much! It makes kids feel so good about themselves when they can be useful. As for the beer, good on your husband. We bought a kit but have only made one batch so far. Must get more organised with it. And those books! I would have a ball reading them.

    I have finally linked up. I know any time during the month is fine, but I get frustrated with myself when I don't get to it early. Thanks again for the opportunity to assess the month.


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