Monday, September 24, 2012

Rummage Wrap-up

A few pics from the Suitcase Rummage yesterday...

I really love the building it is held in - the old Thornbury Theatre - it is such a beautiful piece of urban architecture.The feel of the event - people with wares spilling right out of their suitcases, live music performances on stage and good company all add to the experience. The organisers are also incredibly nice too!

After experiencing my first market stall, I found it to be a really fun experience! Both the crafting and organising at home beforehand and the actual time spent at the market on the day. With very reasonable hours of 11-4pm on a Sunday, it feels ridiculously civilised not having to rush in the morning, so nice for a night owl like me.

Interacting with people was so much fun, I really valued the feedback, positive comments and encouragement I received along with gaining an idea of what customers are interested in and what could be options for future stalls (yes, I am eager to do another!). Picking up a few little hints from other stalls was good too, there is always something new to learn.

Financially, I was pleased with how things went. I admit to going in with fairly low expectations and was pleasantly surprised, especially after hearing a few comments that it was quieter than the previous market. Having a tangible reward for your own handcrafted work that has been made with love and care is a wonderful feeling that is hard to put into words.

Having the 10yo with me was a nice touch. She had a couple of friends to talk to, courtesy of my friend Kirsty (queen of the rummage!), who's stall was next to me. Hosting her own section on the stall was fun for her too, as was spending her proceeds on chocolate chip treats! She definitely didn't need much dinner last night. ;)

All I can say is that now, afterwards,even though my backside is sore and my body is aching from sitting still all day (how can this be??), my head is spinning with new ideas of things to make and other areas to expand upon. Great stuff to digest over a bit of gardening work to get the muscles moving again..and to break in my new garden hat bought from the hat lady across from me who had gorgeous vintage fabric styles to choose from! Truly a dilemma to decide which one!

Go Handmade Markets! 


  1. your stall looks gorgeous, and what a fabulous setting for a market! Well done!

  2. Christine I'm so pleased it went well for you. I love the idea of this market and wish, wish, wish there was something like this round these parts. The markets around here are so serious.
    Handmade goodies?...Truly no comparison!

  3. So much fun! I love my new hat too. Your stall looked so beautiful. So grateful we got to sit together. They've already advertised October, very tempting.

  4. Congratulations, I try to go into things with lower expectations too, helps me to be happy in the moment and not looking to see how on target I am. What a lovely building. I noticed the intricate ceiling right off.

  5. Your stall looks very tempting, love the hand dyed yarn. And the venue is really beautiful, must set a lovely tone as people arrive.

  6. Thankyou all, it is a really lovely event and I was so happy to be part of it! Looking forward to another. :)

  7. I so love those civilized hours - 11 to 4. Your stall looked great.


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