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Around here the weather has been crazy. Ferocious winds after heavy rain saw some serious damage in our area. A poor man lost his life after colliding with a tree one howling night last week. We thought we had gotten off easy this time around but with several years of drought and then a La Nina cycle, the trees literally have nothing to keep them in the ground. Pitiful root balls coupled with soggy ground and the notorious gum trees are bound to drop. And that they did. Three of them in the space of a week.

Our neighbour refers to them as Widow Makers and I am tending to agree with him. How frightening to think that these trees fell on the exact path that I walk daily to tend to the goats. How ridiculous it feels to be scared of trees! How worrying it is to look around our property and note the soggy patches of ground and then look up and see a tree leaning on a precarious angle.....

Feeling very glad that we hadn't fixed the goat fence after all. And there is always a good side, right? Hubby remarked that at least we don't have a firewood issue. And there are loads of lovely offerings for our chiminea.  Yep, lots of stoking of fires to be had here in the coming months.

Onto brighter matters, the eucalyptus dye experiment was a lot of fun! It's amazing to see what colours can come from nature. I'm still pondering over what to do with the two skeins of yarn I've dyed with the leaves. One is a commercial yarn and the other is some handspun alpaca.

Our chookies are going well and are enjoying getting out into their day run. Their eggs continue to delight! As do their pom-pom heads, oh yes, how could anyone resist those?

Currant cuttings from a friend are also going well and I'm interested to see just when we will enjoy our first crop. Eggs are coming as fast as we can eat them, five a day is really plenty for us!

My week rounded off nicely with Veggie Group here. After a serious few weeks of nasty weather and sicknesses within the group, it was nice to reconnect again. I was totally impressed when I listened to a podcast this morning featuring two of my veggie group buddies, Kirsty and Melanie on RRR radio being interviewed about our group. If you are interested in listening to the interview too, it is under 'Dirty Deeds' on the RRR podcasts. I can't quite figure out how to link to it here!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! x


  1. That is worrying about the gum trees. So true about always looking on the good side of situations though.
    The eucalyptus die is pretty natural colour.
    I love that you have a veggie group. That's great.

  2. Scary stuff! I'm always very conscious of the trees while driving on a windy day. I do love the upside of firewood though!

  3. We were waiting for our 60 foot gum to go in the wind but it held on. We did loose a smaller gum we saved fromt the last time it fell over but this time its gone. Neighbour last 8 trees one came over our fence

  4. Watch those gums later in the warmer weather. I have heard they tend to drop boughs, not in windy weather, but when it is still. I love your Silkies, so cute!

    1. I have heard that too, Joolz..frightening stuff. :S

  5. Great post. The benefits and perils of a bush life - firewood and dropping trees. Keep growing!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the weather and the poor man who lost his life because of it. Do be careful around the trees! Lovely to see the chookies all doing so well! xx

  7. Thankyou for your concern people, unfortunately it's just one of the risks we take living in the bush. Where would we without trees?

    Happy Monday. :)

  8. Your husband is certainly good at looking on the bright side. :-)

    Glad you all are ok.

  9. poor old trees, always sad to see the giants come down. On the upside you'll have more light. thanks for all your yummy treats and I love that new tea cosy, 5 eggs a day, awesome! Was sorry to have missed the lighting of the chiminea


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