Playing with food..

Do you ever find yourself doing this? Playing with it more rather, to gain a sense of satisfaction in the making of it over the actual consumption of it? Not that I would ever complain about the end (and hopefully edible) result. It's all good play, that kind of play that happens between the kitchen walls...

We have once again, an excess of eggs. It's a good position to be in. I positively detest buying eggs from the shops - I find they're always runny, never plump and they just don't fill my heart (belly?) with joy.

Excess eggs are fantastic to turn into pasta..

100g strong flour and 1 egg for each person for the dough, with a pinch of salt. 400-500g dough is plenty for us!

After finding myself attending to the (forever) needy goats (in the rain..again), I was quite put off with the idea  of rolling out that dough and cooking it in a mere 15 mins before hubby came home and would be hoping to eat before heading back out the door shortly thereafter to collect the eldest from her activity. It's a tight schedule here some nights..and so tempted was I to pull out the exciting new pasta shapes that were calling to me from the pantry...

However! I gave it a go, clamped the roller on the benchtop and put the water on to boil while I rolled. It's very quick once you get into the groove of it! The great thing about fresh pasta is it cooks in a much shorter time than it's dried cousin..which meant I had an extra few minutes up my sleeve for hubby to make it to that activity on time..

Deadline made. And belly joyous. 

Do you make it?
Do you make it regularly?

I am struggling with breadmaking this winter. We are using a separate room for living in and as a result the kitchen in now quite chilly! After returning home from our bakery visit earlier in the week I was determined to make more of an effort on the bread front. Particularly sourdough which is (usually) such a forgiving bread and so time friendly...
Spelt experiments took place, although a little on the 'bricky' side. Perhaps a starter that was too young? Maybe some more feeds for it to (hopefully) produce a more robust version?

Ughh..bricky breads are actually ok, when they're eaten warm. Not so nice the next day, oh no no no!

Scones are always fun to make, especially when one has just found a new/old egg beater at the op-shop and just wants to whip up a small cup of cream for fun. Something to put whipped cream on would be  good....
{lemonade scones w/four berry jam}
So good. To be honest, I think anything would be good when acting as a carrier for some jam and cream. Even perhaps, a bricky loaf? Yes, even one of those, ahem.

Tween size people like to play in the kitchen too..

A rare moment of teamwork - one whisks while the other adds
They stand and stir, melt and whisk and pause to lick the spoons at the end. The result is a ridiculously rich chocolate mousse that makes the belly feel less than joyous, although does however, result in the tastebuds screaming for more. Such a dilemma! Oh, dear.

We love a pizza night here. It's just a naturally playful food, rolling, slapping, throwing, flipping and so on..
..and then make way for the toppings!

Using some new paddles I picked up recently made the experience even more playful. The trick for easy removal of the pizza onto the oven stone? Semolina. Plenty of semolina. Hubby is a natural now, it's all about technique.

Right now I'm off to go and play with some lemon rind, a little honey and hot water after remembering a tip from Kim. I have an awful feeling there is a sore throat coming on..and apparently relief is all in the peel..

What foods have you been playing with recently? 


  1. Lovely foods, Christine. We are making fresh pasta tonight for a big lasagne. I have been making the 5 minute bread this week and also found the spelt bricky but doing it as a 50% works better, with rye aswell. Last night I made a very rare white loaf with stone ground white flour and it was just scrumptious this morning with homemade lemon curd. Get better soon, we have just recovered from a week of colds! PS your pizzas look gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Wendy, I've added a few raisins to the starter and will give it a go after they do their thing. ;)

  2. I second the pizza, it looks devine.
    Right at the moment, I am processing what cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, and some hot peppers as we are getting in our very serious drought. I look forward to much cooler weather in the fall and winter to play with my food and experiment with a few things I have wanted to tackle, but with 100+ heat we've had, its no fun in the kitchen.
    Wonderful uplifting post, Christine.
    Have a peaceful weekend.

    1. Thankyou denimflyz, I confess I'm envious of your harvesting right now in our miserable wet soggy weather. :)

  3. I'm with you sister. It's spelt at the moment. PLaying with the whole grains I brought back from Tasmania. Yesterday was Honey Spiced Spelt Scones, and last weekend was a spelt loaf, spelt and walnut rolls, and spelt caramelised onion ring. I've been happy with them but I do still need to fiddle a bit. Loving the taste though!
    I love the look of your loaf, beautiful... (and I'm sure a bricky loaf WOULD taste delicious with jam and cream.)

    Hope your weekend has been a lovely one.

    1. Wow, you've been on a spelt bender, Brydie! It all sounds fantastic, esp. the honey spiced spelt sconese..mmm. xx

  4. I wish my bricks looked as good as yours. Does tween co-operation extend to scraping/cleaning that chocolate bowl? Sharing that would be sisterly love indeed!

    1. Ha, that particular time it (amazingly) did, Jo, but usually we're not so lucky, more often it's a case of one doing the bossing and the other two balking at the bossing! ;)

  5. Thanks for telling people about my hot lemon tip....funny thing is , I have a sore throat today and I completely forgot about making it till you reminded me! How often do we tell other people to do things and forget about ourselves!
    I am tremendously jealous of your paddles and of course never knew I desperately had to have one till I saw them on your blog. Just wondering, the picture with the rolled up teatowel around the that to retain the shape and stop it spreading?
    Keep on working with the spelt, we never cook with anything else now and our kids allergies have calmed down as a result.
    A lovely , lovely post as always, Christine.

    1. Ahh, Kim, there is really something in that lemon peel - I've had it two nights in a row and slept fine, didn't have it last night and slept restlessly all night. A nice morning cup of it today and hopefully the pesky sore throat will be given the boot.

      You are correct on the tea towel, it helps the loaf keep it's shape, not that it mattered much anyway, being a brick! Putting all my love into the starter at the moment with high hopes of spelty goodness to come. :)

  6. Perfectly legitimate playing with food. Love it.

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  8. I place my pizza dough on baking paper then transfer that to the pizza stone. Bake for half desired time, then pull out the baking paper from underneath to finish the crust off. Your pizzas look fantastic!

    Cheers - Joolz


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