After a few days of feeling less than motivated on the creative front, I'm suddenly feeling quite inspired. The clean house would probably have something to do with that. Do you find this too - a clean house = a clean mind? A mind ready to start afresh with new ideas and even perhaps finish a few of those project lurkers? I have to say, it's a great feeling to craft away without feeling guilty that the floor needs a mop or the dust on the furniture is growing by layers each day (week, month *gulp*). 

I'm feeling inspired to spin up some fibre to make a scarf for my dear alpaca supplier. She's so kind and provides me with bags and bags of alpaca fibre I really do feel indebted to her and want to do something nice to show my appreciation.

When nothing much else takes my fancy, there always seems to be some ball winding to do. Did I say how much i'm loving the vintage Singer ball winder I found at the op-shop? It's a real time saver! Although if anyone knows of someone who makes homemade swifts, please please send me their contact details (or vice-versa)! I would love to buy a homemade swift and absolutely balk at the idea of paying for a mass produced one. 

In the meantime, the chairs do a satisfactory job, which includes an upper body workout at the same time, complete with flailing arms ;)

Balls wound on the winder can have their yarn pulled straight from the centre thus eliminating 'roll away ball syndrome'. Nice for when you're in the company of strangers and don't want to be groping around their ankles for your cheeky ball of wool that has escaped...yet again! I'm sure I've mentioned this before but it's so true!

I love walking into the craft room and just staring at the works in progress..and those no longer in progress. It's the best remedy for a less than motivating start to the week..

Pondering the options is always fun..I could get lost for hours staring at vintage patterns and dreaming up possibilities. Ahh, possibilities, now there's an inspiring word, wouldn't you say?

Handspun yarn hanging up to dry is always offers a bit of inspiration - what to make, to dye or not to dye, to knit ..or crochet? Again, the possibilities!  You see?

So..tell me, how do you revive your inspiration when it's lacking? Clean the house? Read a book? Get out? Or maybe just ride that wave until it passes? 


  1. Ah well you are inspiring Christine. House cleaning no, although it's inspiring when it is done. Read a book absolutely, get out - yes, a walk, an op shop, a cafe. A go gently day, where I'm content to do nothing on any list, and music. Love all your new shop items, and beautiful wool.

  2. Funny, I'm in house-cleaning mode here, too, and I've found the very same thing! Yes - inspiration lurks everywhere in a clean (and rearranged - I've moved around what little furniture we have about 3 times now), refreshing space :) Looking forward to see where all those possibilities take you.

  3. House cleaning definitely works for me. I feel too guilty, about the dust, mess etc, to concentrate on what I'm doing. Once everywhere is clean and tidy then I feel as though I owe it to myself then to have some fun. As I'm mindlessly dusting or sweeping I find myself thinking about alternative uses for whats around me or things that would help make my place feel more homely or have a creative feel about it and so it helps to get the creative juices flowing. Just wish I had more time, and money, to create all the things in my head - less cleaning maybe lol :o)

  4. Ah the big question. I hate cleaning house, have a job outdoors and I'm your woman, yet I have to have a clean house to feel right. To inspire me I only need music and sunshine. The two together...I can conquer the world.:-)

  5. Oh yes i understand that feeling, having a clean house always make it easier to get stuck into crafts and make another mess!

  6. Christine, I giggled so much about your cheeky ball of wool that I had to explain to hubby what I was reading. That was because I SO identified with it. I had memories of the doctor's waiting room! As for lack of inspiration, it doesn't happen to me often. I have more trouble with life getting between me and my projects.

  7. Beautiful! Love your blog. My friend and I tried out your sage soap recipe on Tuesday. Thanks for the inspiration. I put a link to your blog from mine in the experiment write up.
    Then I see this post today and you make me want to get out the fiber in my basement :) My Grandmother has a newly restored spinning wheel that I can't wait to get on. It's been in the family since 1863! A real gem. I'm so glad I took some spinning lessons. What a fun thing to do.

  8. Oh I can't wait to get my sew-jo back! Cleaning the sewing room would be a start! :) THanks for hte motivation!


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