Garden Girls' Day Out

You've just gotta love a girls' day out, don't you? Scheming away at veggie group last Friday resulted in a girly, garden-ey day out of a most organic kind. The weather being predictably miserable, wasn't even going to deter us.

It was once again that time of year for me to make a journey out to The Garden of St Erth in Blackwood, one of the two homes of Diggers Seeds. As it's generally too wet to do much gardening at the moment, it's a perfect time to peruse seed catalogues and stock up on the coming seasons seeds. Sure, this could all be done online, but then we'd miss out on half the fun, wouldn't we? Yep, gotta love a girly, girl, gardeney day out!

'Wombat' up front is such a fountain of knowledge on all things plant matter. I love to pick her brains on ornamentals! You may also recognise Kirsty and her smallest bowerbird under the rainbow cute!

For a bare winter vegetable garden, it's really looking good at the moment..

and wouldn't you know it...the wall of seeds is still going strong!

Shopping for seeds and garden mooching really does build up an appetite so it was with complete agreement that we decided to stop at the gorgeous Red Beard Bakery, makers of delicious, organic, woodfired sourdough, on the way home..

Always one to have a sticky beak I was slightly taken aback when the baker caught sight of me gaulking through the window in the hopes of getting a better look at the goings on in the kitchen.

Even more taken aback when he gestured me in and asked if I wanted to see the oven.

uhhhh....Yes please!!

The woodfired oven that is in use at the bakery is really something else. It's an enormous 19th century scotch oven that is fired daily, heated by feeding wood into a firebox on the side which then allows the heat to move into the oven and be stored there for an incredible amount of time. It's a fascinating way of baking..totally different to our humble woodfired oven at home which has the fire directly on the baking surface.

The smells wafting out of the kitchen were really something else. So, so good.

But could our outing get any better?

Oh, yes, it could. For who could possibly go past a piece of 'Brazen Hussy' to satisfy said appetite?

Not I, nor Wombat, nor the Bowerbirds. Oh, no, it was Brazen Hussy all round, thankyou very much. Gosh it was good - mushroom, leek and goat fetta all mingled together with a briochey exterior. So good!

Warm Blonde loaf making it's way home for our dinner, a few packets of exciting new veggie seeds to try,  stopping off to see some Vintage (it can be a noun too, right?) on the way home and the pleasant chatter of good friends.

Yep, you've really gotta love a girly, girl garden-ey day out!

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  1. Oh my...that seed choice is just astounding!!! Looks like a lovely visit.

  2. Sorry Christine, I didn't know my son was logged in...that was from me!

  3. thankyou so much for a beautiful day out Christine, a truly delicious day. Loved looking back at your previous visits and comparing the photos. Could happily swan about doing the same thing every Monday - although tip day is Wednesday and that was looking pretty exciting.

  4. What a perfect outing, the kind I would thoroughly enjoy. I love your veggie group, would be so nice to have one here.

  5. What beautiful pictures. I love that wall of seeds, that's something we don't have around here. I've never heard of Brazen Hussy before, what a name! I may have to look up a recipe and give it a try.

  6. A lovely day out. I'm envious that both of those places are within driving distance for you. I've been reading about Red Beard's oven in the Earth Garden book.

  7. The perfect day out in every way. I've visted Herronswood but not St Erth. It looks beautiful.

  8. Oh wow! Both the wall of seeds and bread blow me away.

  9. I have garden excursion envy!

  10. I'm terribly jealous! We're just a tad too far away to make it worthwhile, so my order had to come via the mail :(
    I am in love with that bakery though (and trying to work out how to make Trentham 'on the way' on our trip up to Albury later in the year) and have been over to Kirsty's blog from your link and found another great blog to read! Thanks!!

  11. we had our sustainable girls day out at our local organic cafe today...but I am totally jealous of your visit to Saint Erth. I think it must be the mecca of all gardeners- I just wish I could make Victoria a little closer !! Looks like a beautiful day ,and though I know I can order the seeds online it must be like visiting a chocolate shop when you are standing right in front of the seed wall. Lucky you!

  12. What a fabulous girly day out. I went to Digger's other garden Heronswood last year and it was fabulous. I have more seeds that I know what to do with already, but give me a whole wall of them and I'm sure I would bring home some more... can you really have too many?

  13. What a lovely way to spend a day! Love St Erth!

  14. Brazen Hussy? Love it! I would feel compelled to buy this even if it didn't sound awesomely delicious. I am utterly jealous of your fantastic day and am inspired to organise a girly day myself!

  15. I'm sure I could smell that bread wafting through the screen. What a lovely day out for you all. Lovely!

  16. Thanks people, both places are really worth a visit if you find yourself passing through Trentham/Blackwood. ;)

  17. love the names of the bread, and that wall of seeds is fantastic!!.

  18. The winter vegetable garden does indeed look very good!


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